Chairman’s Chat, February 2014 – Get ready for our trip to York, coming soon

Hi everyone,

2014 has begun very well with two great first events hosted by a couple of our new members and a packed-out party at Jo’s; thanks all! This month I’m going to try our book club for the first time and try not to let all the nights out we have in the diary get in the way of training for my first 10k race later this month!

We’re still planning a city break in York, this will now be in March to avoid the school holidays and the worst of the winter weather, hopefully! More info to follow. Yes, it will take a bit of planning and booking accommodation in advance but it will be worth it, we promise you!

We’ve also set the date for the AGM: put 23rd April 2014 in your diaries please!

This month we’re welcoming two new members Rhian and Claire. We’ve had ten new members join in the last six months who have all been women! The club mix is almost exactly 50/50 right now but this will change if we carry on at this rate! Surely there are some men out there in Cheshire and North Wales whose social lives could do with a boost?


Chairman’s Chat, January 2014 – a new start with IVC!

Hi everyone,
Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great Christmas. I had a fantastic time at the Racecourse again for the Christmas Party: excellent food, top entertainment and most importantly great company. Also the panto was fabulous as ever; get your name down early as it always sells out fast: thanks to Jo for booking, as ever. Don’t forget she’d love to see you at her Winter Warmer/fend off the January blues party on January 4th.

Here’s the first bulletin of the year, hope there’s something in it for everyone. Club night attendance has been excellent for a while now which is great. Please feel free to suggest a venue or let us know if you haven’t liked somewhere; it’s your club!

I recognise that the bulletin might seem a slightly dated format but I confess I rather like it. Do remember if you have any kind of smart phone it’s simple to open the pdf of the bulletin and save it so that it can be easily accessed at any time; ask any of the committee if you’re not sure about this and hopefully one of us can help out! For more impromptu events just send an e-mail to the group [email protected], use the private Facebook group or if you’re a bit shy e-mail Hilary or Jenni in events and they can help get the word out in the most appropriate way.

Do remember that we hope everyone will add an event or two to the bulletin over the course of the year. Please don’t feel it’s presumptuous to add one as a newer member, it’s a great way to get to know more people than just the regular Wednesday night crowd and doesn’t have to be over-complicated or time-consuming. We are a club run by the members for the members and do whatever it is you want to do.

We’re planning a weekend in York on 21st-23rd February which should be a great city break without travelling too far and also will include the annual Jorvik Viking festival! It will be a change from our usual trips which are more hostel/walking/outdoorsy so we hope lots of you will make it along, perhaps even some of those who’ve never been away with us before.

This month I’m pleased to welcome new member Marie.

Best wishes for 2014,