Chairman’s Chat, April 2014: We’ve had some big events, and the AGM’s coming soon

Hi everyone,

I’ve really enjoyed March, starting the month with a trip to the Bridge End Inn in Ruabon with a huge group of IVC’ers. It was just the sort of event I think we do so well as a group; a trip to somewhere you’ve heard about but never got a round to going to, or for some people a day out you’d have never come up with on your own, go along with an open mind and find it’s actually much more enjoyable than you ever expected! The Istanbul BBQ on Brook Street in Chester was also excellent so I’d recommend checking that out if you haven’t yet. I also had a lovely night at Bollicini with Helen and Alex and a big bunch last weekend; again, a group offer you’d have struggled to arrange with just a couple of mates.

Huge thanks to Aidan and Hilary for all the work they put in to the York weekend. A city break was something new for us (in recent years at least) and while it can be difficult to tick everyone’s boxes for what they might want from a trip like that regarding accommodation, cost and activities, the group had a fab time and we’ll hopefully be able to run something similar in the future if there is interest and someone to spearhead as well as these two managed.

We’re round to AGM time again! Please arrive promptly by 8pm to claim your free drink and we’ll get down to business of reviewing 2013-14 and electing a new committee. While as always all members will be standing down from their post, there is a large percentage of the current committee not seeking re-election, and so we really do need you all to give some thought to getting involved to keep the club moving. Our numbers are thriving and club nights have rarely been so consistently busy, so hopefully we’ll have plenty of fresh keen blood and maybe some longer-standing members stepping up, to move us onwards and upwards.

I’ll save my own committee sign-off for the AGM and next month’s handover “Chairman’s Chat”!


Chairman’s Chat, September – Weekend in the Lakes, Alderley Edge caving, Heritage pub crawl, nights out!

Hi everyone,

As I write this I’m looking forward to the Cilcain Village show tomorrow and pleased that it seems there’ll quite a good IVC turn out for what seemed at first a slightly random entry into the August diary. On reflection however, it’s really quite representative of what IVC is all about: sharing local hidden treasures, introducing new people to your own favourite places and events and making the most of some time off work and hopefully some good weather!

As autumn is upon us we have a busier diary for September, highlights including Aidan’s Alderley Edge caving trip and a weekend away. Thanks to Jo for organising the weekend in Derwentwater again; hopefully the weather will be kind and it will be a fun, sociable trip to this beautiful part of the lakes. We also have some good nights out planned, and the long awaited second part to the “Ye Olde Ale trail” in Chester. For anyone who missed the first part back in March, talk to any of the large group who took on an epic yet fairly civilised pub crawl around about ten of Chester’s “Heritage” pubs; it was an excellent day!

Don’t forget as well as the public Facebook page we have a private group; if you’re not currently in the group speak to one of the committee and we’ll make sure you’re added. It’s useful for reminders about event details, club night locations, sharing pictures and links and any short-notice items and imminent events. Remember the website and (public) Facebook page are important tools for raising the club profile and attracting new members so interacting with them when you can is appreciated.
Finally, a warm welcome this month to new member Bethany Millen!

Chairman’s Chat – February 2013

Well that’s January over with! Let’s hope we’re done with the snow (yes, I confess, I’m completely Bah Humbug about it, however pretty!). It’s been a fun month considering it’s traditionally a time for watching what we eat, drink and spend! Thanks to Jo for her party and everyone who kicked off the year by hosting events. I enjoyed Christine’s Sushi Sunday lunch and had a great birthday night out with IVC’ers earlier on in the month, despite my fledgling cold which unfortunately turned into a 3 weeks germ-fest, meaning I missed out on a few other events.

I’m looking forward to Jenni and Hilary’s curry night to start the month off and hope a few of you will join me at Theatre Clwyd on the 12th to watch Danish film “The Hunt”, which I’m really looking forward to. I end the month with a holiday in the sun so will hopefully come back refreshed and ready to start heading us towards the AGM in April. Time to start getting your thoughts together on 2012-13 and the future of the club, and talking to members of the committee if you’re interested in getting involved next year!

It’s also a good time to think about any weekends away, trips or holidays you might like us to go on this year; whether old favourites such as Derwentwater and Anglesey, Aidan’s back to basics Wildboarclough camping barn weekend, or somewhere new for us!


Chairman’s Chat – August 2012

Summer finally arrived, in time for a very enjoyable weekend at Cumberland Cottage Bunk House in Wildboarclough this month; thanks to Aidan for the exceptional organisation that went in to it. Lessons learned and truths confirmed include: 16 miles is a very long walk; at some point on every walk, there is an exceptionally muddy farmyard; Geese do bite (has the mark gone down yet, Leanne?); when faced with a litter of Border Collie puppies, I am likely need considerable persuasion that I cannot, in fact, take one home; running water and electricity are not technically necessary for a good weekend. Definitely one to do again next year, maybe we can persuade a few more of you to rough it for a night or two; it’s a beautiful area!

We’ve had some lively club nights, a great time at the Laugh Inn, Dave’s film night, and a record badminton turn-out. The Spitting Feathers Beer Festival on Saturday was excellent as ever so I recommend everyone buys their tickets early next year to avoid missing out, though I know the many of you who joined Dave and Hilary out in Chester instead also had a great time!

We’ve two big weekends away book-ending August and good stuff in between. While the sun is shining, don’t forget Christmas isn’t as far away as you might think and next month we’ll be confirming ticket prices and subsidies for the Christmas Party. Remember we like everyone to host an event or two each year and you need to get one in the programme to ensure you get your discount for our party on Saturday 8th December!

Enjoy the sunshine and I hope to see lots of you this month; I’ll be at Richard’s Olympic party, some club nights and I’m looking forward to Sally’s weekend in Rhoscolyn, my first ever visit to Anglesey!



Chairman’s Chat – June 2012

Welcome to the June edition of the Cheshire & North Wales IVC bulletin and my first Chairman’s Chat. Thanks to Sally who handed over to me with things in excellent shape, we’ve had a May packed full of events! I’ve enjoyed some great Friday nights out with lots of you and I’m writing this surrounded by the debris from a very fun Eurovision party; thanks to everyone who came along to that!

We’ve been busy planning the big things that form the backbone of our programme so we hope lots of you can make some of these: a camping barn weekend at Wildboarclough, Cheshire Peak District (13-15 July, contact Aidan C); Derwentwater, (3-4 August, contact Jo D), and a weekend in Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, (31st August -2nd September, contact Sally C). Also after researching and discussing at length, I have now booked the CNW IVC Christmas Party! This will be held at the Pavilion Suite, Chester Racecourse on Saturday 8th December 2012 so make sure you keep the date free for that!

Thanks to Alison and Andy on Events for pulling together some special stuff for the Jubilee Weekend to kick off June, and I hope this fabulous weather lasts for it! I am hoping I’ll be able to enjoy a picnic in the sun with lots of you at the Polo at Chester Racecourse this weekend. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any event ideas and feedback you have for us.

Don’t forget to get your subs in quickly if you haven’t already paid – check you e-mail for details of how to pay. Please keep us up to date with the best e-mail address for you so that never miss out on anything!
Kay x

Chairman’s Chat – February 2012

January passed in a flash! A big thanks to all who put on events, particularly Jo for hosting her colourful house party, which was attended by about half the current members, plus a sprinkling of previous generations of CNW IVC.

I’ve been mad busy and travelling a lot with work, so not been able to make it to many club nights or events, but it’s great to be able to keep in touch with what’s going on by following @CNW-IVC on twitter. As well as current and prospective members following, we are also having some success in attracting venues as followers, who re-tweet our messages to a wider audience. Whenever you host or attend an event that you enjoy, feel free to tweet a mini review, or simply send a text to Kay, that she can send out on Twitter, to generate awareness of who we are and what we do.

February is upon us, which, alongside the usual mix of pub nights, walks and meals, brings with it an annual favourite of mine – Christine’s pancake party! Take along a topping and something to drink, and Chris will provide the pancakes. Please let Chris know if you’re planning to attend, as last year she had to send out for egg-stra supplies and whizz up another batch of batter to cope with unannounced guests!

Finally, a heads-up that we have been doing some forward planning, thinking about possible weekends away later in the year. So far we have pencilled in a repeat of the popular Derwentwater hostel weekend in May; a Camping Barn in the Peak District in early July; and an Anglesey hostel / camping weekend in September. I know these dates seem a long way off, but
as we need to book in advance, the organisers will start to drum up support at club nights soon!

Sally x