Theatre Trips

This week’s performance of Taming of the Shrew at the Theatr Clwyd was truly excellent.
One of Shakespeare’s more “accessible” comedies,upon which was based the Cole Porter musical “Kiss Me, Kate”, the play contains laugh-out-loud humour and moments of slapstick comedy which threatened to soak us in our front-row seats! 

This was in contrast to the rather darker, dry humour of the last play we saw:   “Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell”, in which Robert Powell played the eponymous alcoholic, gambling-addicted womaniser, trapped in a pub and reminiscing about the absurd encounters and realationships in his life, through the course of his own private overnight lock-in.

Later this month we’re heading to the Everyman, to see David Morrisey in, ahem, the Scottish Play… Not so many laughs, but I’m sure this will be every bit as entertaining!