Chairman’s Chat, February 2018

Hi all,

Wow, what a start to the year. The New Members’ Event was a roaring success with lots and lots of new faces.

February is looking good with a large variety of events including a trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium, basketball matches, a cinema night and lunch at Chocks Away. There is also a Ceilidh, the last one was great fun and very well attended. On the 23rd raise your glasses to celebrate Mel’s birthday!

Remember, new members (once fully signed up) ought to put an event on within their first 3 months of joining. If you have any ideas please discuss them with Alison W or a member of the Committee and we’ll be more than willing to give you any help you might need.

Finally, the Committee have decided to join our usual Spring Party with the IVC Birthday celebrations (27 years young this year). The celebrations will be in April so keep an eye out for separate mails from me about this.



Chairman’s Chat, June 2015

Hi All,

This is my first Chairman’s chat which is a little daunting.

Firstly, I would like to thank Dave for the good work he did in his role as Chairman last year. Dave has taken on the role of Webmaster this year so I’m really happy to still have him in the committee to help me as I settle into the role. I would also like to thank our outgoing committee members Sian, Aidan, Helen P and Alison B for all of their hard work and effort (Alison is kindly hanging on in the AIVC role until we have a replacement). I am very happy to say that Ellie, Mike, Richard and Heather will continue their great work and stay on the committee this year. I would like to welcome Sam and Pip in the roles of Bulletin Editor and Publicity Officer respectively.

I’m really looking forward to working with the committee to maintain, and improve if possible, some of the key things that makes the CNW IVC what it is – an active and engaged group of members, a great selection of events, new people coming along to our club nights and events and staying with us to become members.

My final note on the committee is to remind you all that the roles of AIVC and Events Officer are still vacant. If you think you might like to take on one of these roles or just want to find out more information please get in touch with myself, Alison or one of the committee.

I ought to mention, if you’re wondering what is going on in the picture, that’s the Fat Controller singing happy birthday to me last year in Llangollen. That’s the best picture I have! I’ll try harder for next month’s bulletin.

We had some great events on in May including the 2 beer festivals, the spring party, Eurovision party, pub crawl and a BBQ. Events for June are varied to say the least – a curry night, Bingo, prosecco evening, a country walk (with pub lunch) and a Dire Straits tribute act.

As most of you will know we also have an international event in June. Six of us are jetting off to Jakarta and Borneo to visit Claire, one of our more far flung members! Heather, Sian, Ellie, Helen H, Pip and myself are off to explore jungles, mountains, waterfalls and visit orangutans and sun bears and climb a volcano! Let’s hope we make it back in one piece otherwise you’ll have lost nearly half of your committee.

Well have a great month and I hope to see a lot of you out and about.