Cheshire and North Wales IVC Open Event

We are having an open event on Saturday 31st of October – between 3 pm and 8pm. Join us if you are interested in finding out more about IVC or think you may want to join the club – we will meet up first then stay on to watch the Rugby World Cup final. If you want to come along to this or any other event get in touch and members will be there to meet and greet you. For further info contact 07518 958 554 or visit


Well, another busy weekend:
Walk to Horseshoe Falls, Nov 09Llangollen, Nov 09
Thanks to Jo for organising the trip to Llangollen where a few of us went walking in the rain to Horsehoe Falls (by which time it had cheered up a bit (there are pictures in the members area for those of you who are interested)).  We stopped for a very nice £5 pub lunch on the way back along the canal at the Chain Bridge Hotel *; finishing our trip off with a bit of Christmas shopping in the craft store in town.
A group of members also went to see Men Who Stare At Goats at Cheshire Oaks and more of us will be out at the pub later tonight.
The Christmas Ball has sold out (we had to buy extra seats to fit you all in!).  Don’t forget though that you can still buy raffle tickets for our charity raffle so please do.
The diary is now open for December and January for our social club so now would be a good time to put an event on in Chester, Cheshire or North Wales…
*Random fact for the day: The first chain bridge at that point was built by Exuperius Pickering in 1814.

Emma’s Easy Stroll (from a pub to a pub)

I have got my hands on some more photos of the canoeing trip and our camping barn trip: this time from Aarti and they are on the website as well as a couple from Emma’s walk that I took, have a browse and as ever: if you have more hand them over!

Emma's Easy Stroll July 2009Wye Valley Sculpture TrailWye Valley Scultpure TrailDSCN0609.JPG

Hopefully this is in the paper this week:

IVC Social Activities Club
Thanks to Emma for organising a great walk along the Sandstone trail on Sunday as well as a friendly pub night on Wednesday. We are looking forward to going to the beer festival this Saturday.
IVC is a friendly, non-profit making, activity and social group, for professionals and graduates aged between 21-40. Come and join us.
For program details and group information contact or call (07843) 766 434

Photos from the start of the year

Photos from the tour of Queensway Tunnel at the weekend that Aidain organised for us, plus a couple of the horse riding (thanks to Jackie for that one) and some of the new chairman’s St Patrick’s Day party.

If anyone else has any photos of anything else (or more of these events) from this year to share (the ski trip?) can you please send or upload them, thank you.