Chairman’s Chat, July 2014: There’s lots of events going on, and also Christmas to think of…

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to July’s edition of Chairman’s Chat. I hope you all had a great month and enjoyed June’s many successful events. Congratulations go to both Glenn and Sophie for hosting their first events last month. Glenn’s England v Italy event was sold out even before the bulletin was out and Sophie’s Havana night had a great turn out with guys outnumbered by girls by at least 4-1. I didn’t get in till 4am so it must have been good. Its also great to see something a little different appearing in the bulletin thanks to Hilary and Pip (also Pips first event) for what sounded like a very successful Pudding club.

As you night have noticed with the survey I emailed round, I have been busy looking into venues for our Christmas party this year. It feels very strange when its so far away, but you have to be quick to get the best venues. We had a committee meeting last night and from the results of the survey, depending on availability, its looking like it will be held at the Double Tree in Hooleon Saturday the 20th; the final confirmation should be out next month.

Last of all a big welcome to our latest new members, Alan Farrar, Lee Pacey, Pip Newman and Nick Yates.

Have a good month everyone 🙂



The Pudding Club

The concept was simple: everyone make a pudding, gather at a friend’s house to taste them. All!
The execution was brilliant: 12 different home-made desserts to try, all of them equally delicious in their own way. No burnt or inedible offerings, and only a couple of “ringers” amongst them!

More by good luck than by prior planning, we achieved a fair mix of of traditional hot puds and cold desserts varying across the fruity, creamy, chocolatey and alcoholic spectrums.

A well-balanced diet, some might argue 🙂

Meanwhile, on the culinary front, the Come Dine With Me competition continues to unfold, and watch this space for a similar Tapas / Antipasti / Starters event…