Chairman’s Chat, November 2013 – now the clocks have gone back, there’s plenty going on at IVC

Hi everyone,

So the clocks have changed and we’re starting November with a weekend jam-packed with seasonal treats; make sure you read on into the bulletin quickly or you’ll be too late for everything on the first page!
We had a great turn-out for the Autumn Party at the Commercial so thanks to all the committee who were involved in organising that. I’ve also this month enjoyed finally making it to our monthly cocktail night; Kuckoo exceeded expectations with great drinks and excellent music!

Of course we have the Christmas Party coming up (Saturday 7th December 2013), it will be a great event so do get your tickets as soon as possible. The racecourse is a lovely venue and I hope to see lots of you there. Ask any of the committee for more information or check out the photographs from last year on our website. I’d better go dress shopping soon…

Finally, I’m delighted to give a warm welcome to THREE new members this month: Helen, Gen and Sarah!

Kay x

Wye canoe trip & Chester cycle race

Thanks to Aidan for organising the canoe trip, there are some photos in the members area now for those who want to see them 😉

I have also shared my photos from Tuesday of the cycle race around Chester so check those out too.

Messing about on the river at Symonds YatCycle race June 2009Cycle race June 2009

If you have any more photos for me please let me know and I’ll share those with everyone else.

I’ve also added a Tag Cloud: What do you think?


Picasa plugins

I’m just experimenting with some Picassa plugins in found at:

What do you think?



I couldn’t get NetGEN to work and it looks like Flipping book might require some set-up so I might come back to it.

Photos from the start of the year

Photos from the tour of Queensway Tunnel at the weekend that Aidain organised for us, plus a couple of the horse riding (thanks to Jackie for that one) and some of the new chairman’s St Patrick’s Day party.

If anyone else has any photos of anything else (or more of these events) from this year to share (the ski trip?) can you please send or upload them, thank you.