Chairman’s Chat, April 2018

Hi all,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break!

The CNW-IVC birthday party is almost upon us on the 14th. We’ve reached the ripe old age of 27. The party is open to current members, past members, prospective members and guests. Please RSVP to me by the 4th.

Our AGM is quickly approaching, we’ve provisionally booked it for the 2nd of May. At this meeting the current serving committee members step down and anyone interested in standing for a role let’s everyone know and we take a vote. I will be sending out the details of the roles over the coming weeks so if you’d like to contribute to the running of our club please keep an eye out. If you’d like more information on the roles please speak to a current member of the committee.

I hope to see as many of you at the party, and if you know any past members be sure to let them know they’re more than welcome!



Chairman’s Chat, June 2014: Hello from Dave, our new Chair

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first edition of chairman’s chat since taking over from Kay. First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Kay and the other outgoing committee members for all there hard work over the last year. It’s great to see that we have had a lot of new members join us and club nights and most events are being well attended.

For me I think the highlight of last month’s events was being part of Claire’s winning pub quiz team. We managed to beat a rival social group who do the quiz at the Bawn Lodge every week. The winning team consisted of Claire, Sophie, Greg, Alex M and myself and the vital winning question was which well known 3 word saying starts with the letters W… F… C… and comes from the name for flags raised as boats pass into port (sorry can’t remember exact wording but something along those lines). It had us stumped for a while but luckily we came up with the correct answer just in time.

Don’t forget to get your subs in quickly for 2014 if you haven’t already paid -check your e-mail for details on how to pay or let the committee know if you’re planning on not renewing.

Lastly a big welcome to our newest member Heather Duffy.

Have a good month everyone 🙂



Chairman’s Chat, February 2014 – Get ready for our trip to York, coming soon

Hi everyone,

2014 has begun very well with two great first events hosted by a couple of our new members and a packed-out party at Jo’s; thanks all! This month I’m going to try our book club for the first time and try not to let all the nights out we have in the diary get in the way of training for my first 10k race later this month!

We’re still planning a city break in York, this will now be in March to avoid the school holidays and the worst of the winter weather, hopefully! More info to follow. Yes, it will take a bit of planning and booking accommodation in advance but it will be worth it, we promise you!

We’ve also set the date for the AGM: put 23rd April 2014 in your diaries please!

This month we’re welcoming two new members Rhian and Claire. We’ve had ten new members join in the last six months who have all been women! The club mix is almost exactly 50/50 right now but this will change if we carry on at this rate! Surely there are some men out there in Cheshire and North Wales whose social lives could do with a boost?