Chairman’s Chat, July 2016

HI All,

June saw another successful new member’s evening, a lovely afternoon in the Handbridge beer garden, a night out at Telford’s and a cinema night.

Following on from Laura’s email I would like to encourage you all to think about the type of event you would like to put on. If you would like any help or someone to co-host just give one of the committee members a shout. 

July sees the return of Claire on the 2nd for a quick visit, birthday drinks with Ellie, Telford’s and a cinema night. We’ve also got our next new members evening on the 30th


Chairman’s Chat, November 2015

Hi all,

October has flown by with a few memorable and well attended events. There was a great turn out for Hillary’s farewell curry and Andy’s birthday. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Hillary all the best with her move and the new job.

November is packed with a variety of events from fireworks to a cathedral tour. There should be something for everyone. Please contact the host to let them know if you’re interested in plenty of time if planning is required.

Have a great month and I hope to see you at the upcoming events!



Chester Rhinos, Chestival Music Festival, Spitting Feathers Beer Festival

This weekend we’ve been pretty busy:

On Friday a few members went to see The Penguin Cafe at the Town hall for their excellent performance. It was great, you should have been there! This was the first event this month and at this rate it should be good:

Members also yesterday went to see the BIG SING as part of the Chestival and saw the Rhino’s starting to appear:

Chestival Big Sing.jpgChester Rhinos.jpg

Later in the month some of the members will be going to the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival in Waverton so we might see you there:

Spitting Feathers Beer Festival.JPG

If this sounds like your kind of social life, you’re over 21, live near Chester and want to meet more people who like to get out them call us and come and see what we do.