CNW-IVC Open event for new members

After the success of our last open night where we gained some lovely new members, come and join us and other potential new members for our open night. 

We are a friendly activity and social group for professionals aged 21-45 and our members run a wide variety of events in and around Chester. We have a lot of great events lined up for the coming months so if you want to boost your social life come along!

Our open event is on Saturday 18th of June at 7.30pm at the Cross Keys in central Chester. We will meet you there and introduce you to some current members so that you can find out more about the group, or we also have drinks every Wednesday at 8.30pm. For further info phone or text 07858056670 or visit

CNW-IVC 25th Anniversary Party

Its the Cheshire and North Wales IVC 25th Anniversary this year so the committee have decided to have a celebration party this weekend (23rd April) Its being held in a Chester city centre bar and new people are more than welcome to join us. So why not get in touch via the contact us page on our web site for further info would be great to see you there.


Cheshire and North Wales IVC Open Event

We are having an open event on Saturday 31st of October – between 3 pm and 8pm. Join us if you are interested in finding out more about IVC or think you may want to join the club – we will meet up first then stay on to watch the Rugby World Cup final. If you want to come along to this or any other event get in touch and members will be there to meet and greet you. For further info contact 07518 958 554 or visit

Emma’s Easy Stroll (from a pub to a pub)

I have got my hands on some more photos of the canoeing trip and our camping barn trip: this time from Aarti and they are on the website as well as a couple from Emma’s walk that I took, have a browse and as ever: if you have more hand them over!

Emma's Easy Stroll July 2009Wye Valley Sculpture TrailWye Valley Scultpure TrailDSCN0609.JPG

Hopefully this is in the paper this week:

IVC Social Activities Club
Thanks to Emma for organising a great walk along the Sandstone trail on Sunday as well as a friendly pub night on Wednesday. We are looking forward to going to the beer festival this Saturday.
IVC is a friendly, non-profit making, activity and social group, for professionals and graduates aged between 21-40. Come and join us.
For program details and group information contact or call (07843) 766 434