Chairman’s Chat November 2019

Hi all,

November starts off with a BANG at the Lord Mayor’s Fireworks Extravaganza! Then there are some opportunities for some festive craftiness, a cosy dinner, film night then the chance to bang the drums and be adored at the Oasis and Stone Roses Tribute Night.

Novembers are traditionally quiet as we all get ready for the festive period but if you see something you like the sound of, and nothing else is on, please feel free to put on an impromptu event via WhatsApp. As you know, this type of event doesn’t allow you to have a Christmas party discount but last minute get togethers can sometimes be the most fun!

Remember to take lots of photos and send them to James for inclusion in the bulletin, best picture gets top spot!


Chairman’s Chat: December

Hi all,

Welcome to the December edition of the IVC bulletin. Is it really only the start of December? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking out of the window at all the ice and snow and thinking it must be January or something. Fortunately I’m assured I haven’t overslept and missed Christmas!

Thanks go to Jo for bringing back the bonfire party… it turns out that even building a house in the middle of the garden doesn’t stop you finding space to let off fireworks, although a fair number of people were hiding behind the garage when some of the fireworks were let off! Thanks as well to Jo, and everyone else who contributed, for all the food that was there.

There’s still one or two places left at the Christmas party on the 18th, so if you hurry you might still get a place! There are a few of you who haven’t got your menu choices in, or even your money (tut, tut!) so get them in quickly or we’ll have to send the mob round to collect… We’ve got a room to ourselves this year, and I’m looking forward to another great do!

We’ve also got a visit to the German Christmas Markets in Manchester to look forward to, the carol concert in Chester Cathedral on the 19th (a great lead-up to Christmas, assuming we’ve recovered from the party!) and of course the traditional not-so-traditional rock and roll panto – for which there might be a couple of tickets left. And I’m looking for some more crazy people to get their Santa outfits and come running round the centre of Liverpool with me. What’s that you say? I’m the only crazy one here? How dare you!

Have fun and have a great Christmas,


Halloween, Beer Festival, Fireworks

Well, that’s another busy month over and a new one started with a bang 😉

In addition to the usual badminton, dancing, cinema nights, meals and pub trips in the last couple of weeks we have been to the CAMRA beer festival in the Guildhall where we saw Mark Radcliffe on drums and tasted a selection of very nice ales, a few of us dressed up for the Halloween party at Bar Lounge where we had fun.  Since then after a comedy night in Mold on Thursday, a lot of us met up on the walls to watch the fireworks dispay over the Roodee on Saturday night before retreating from the cold to the Brewery Tap and The Cross Keys.

 CAMRA Autumn Beerfestival, Chester Guildhall, Oct 2009Bar Lounge Halloween Party, Nov 2009Roodee fireworks 2009

As always: there are more photos in the member’s area: the password is in your monthly bulletin.

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets to win a night at the hotel after the Christmas Meal (which has nearly sold out)!

Tickets are £1 frrom the chairman on club night: See you there, William

Spitting Feathers Beer Fetival / Cholmondley fireworks

Thanks all for making this a great weekend.

16+ members attended the beer festival in Waverton with a couple of us braving the rain to walk there from Chester. We had a really good time with great beer and a lively and enthusiastic live band who really fitted the atmosphere and weren’t allowed to leave the stage at the end without one last song (several times over).

Spitting Feathers Brewery Beer Festival : July 09Spitting Feathers Ales

Another 16+ members attended the pageant of power at Cholmondley castle and despite a brief flurry of rain were not deterred. The had a great evening which was rounded off with fantastic fireworks and a piper on the walls.