Comedy and Genius

In the last couple of weeks IVC have been to a couple of comedy clubs (at Alexander’s (very good) and Theatre Clwyd to see Silky and his chums (even better)).  In both cases we sat at the front!  Whose bright idea was that?  Oh well, we survived the experience and had a great time on both occasions and were fit enough to go on a day trip to Manchester to see Da Vinci – The Genius exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry:

No pictures I’m afraid they weren’t allowed! However it was an excellent trip to Manchester and the exhibition. Train was packed in both directions so were lucky we managed to find seats, though not together! There were seven of us and on arrival in Manchester we all headed to Don Giovanni’s (appropriately an Italian restaurant) for a meal before heading to the exhibition! All of us ate too much so could barely walk after! The food was excellent, as was the exhibition. All of us were stunned at how much Leonardo Da Vinci did in his life that have a huge bearing on our lives’ today. Everything from the perfection of ball bearings, to cranes and the principle of helicopters right through to his artwork and sculpture, the obvious examples being The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. A very enjoyable day.