Chairman’s Chat, December 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed last month’s events.  I can’t believe it’s December already; this year seems to have flown by.

I am really looking forward to the Christmas party at the Double Tree; we are trying out a new venue this year following the Racecourse the previous two years.  We have now sold all our tickets, and it should be a great night.  For those of you on the reserve list I will let you know if any spaces become available.

The calendar is a little bit empty over the Christmas period as people will be off doing their own thing with family and friends; feel free to organize any ad-hoc events using the members’ group e-mail and Facebook page.

Club night falls on Christmas Eve this year so we have decided to have a pub crawl instead to get us into the festive mood.  We are also hoping to get something organized for New Year’s Eve, possibly a house party or a night out; if you have any ideas or would like to host please let Rhian know.

This should have been in last month’s Chairman’s Chat but I had already submitted it before Andy reminded me…  So, better late than never well done to both Andy and Giles, who have both been sporting fine moustaches over the past month, for yet another year of supporting Movember raising money for men’s health awareness.  You can donate at

We have had another change on the committee this month as Carol stepped down due to other commitments.  So I would like to welcome and thank Heather who has volunteered to take her place.

Finally I would like to welcome our newest members Pip and Helen.

Have a good month every one and I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.



Chairman’s Chat, November 2014

Hi All,

Hope you all enjoyed last months events. There’s lots to look forward to this month as well.

Firstly, I would like to welcome and thank Ellie and Mike for volunteering to join the committee to take over from Claire as Membership Secretaries. They are both regular club night attendees and they will be great at welcoming prospective members to the group.

Thank you for all of those that have said they would like to come to the Christmas party on the 20th December at the Double Tree. So far we have 41 people on the list so it should be a great night and its always the highlight of the CNW-IVC year. We now need to collect in the balances for those who have put their name down for a ticket as we need to collect all the money by mid November so we can pay the hotel in time. Please can you pay ASAP via the Paypal links provided otherwise Richard Cross will be collecting money at club nights. If you have not put your name down for a ticket we should still be able to get places tickets are priced at £25 for members who have put on a bulleted event, otherwise £30 for members and £32 for Guests and Prospective members.

And lastly a big welcome to our newest member Stephan Abson

Have a good month everyone 🙂


Chairman’s Chat, September 2014

Hi Everyone,

I think I should have kept quite about the nice sunny weather in last months chairman’s chat; August seems to have ended up a bit on the wet side. We still had a good time and luckily it stayed dry for our fab Summer BBQ Party. A big thank you goes out to Rhian for organizing it along with her helpers and volunteer cooks Mike and Lee –it’s not easy catering for over 30 people on a tight budget, but the event was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Speaking of Rhian I think she might have set a record last month, well since I have been in the club anyway by hosting 5 events in a single month. I will have to remember that one when it comes to giving out prizes at the AGM next year.

Don’t forget to reserve your Christmas party tickets, they’re going fast at the time of writing this – 32 places have been reserved so far. I will be reserving further tickets with the Double Tree to make more spaces available; it should be a great night and I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

There are lots of great events to look forward to this month: our trip to the Lakes, another trip down the mines and bowling, to name a few that I’m looking forward to attending.
Have a great month everyone 🙂



Chairman’s Chat, July 2014: There’s lots of events going on, and also Christmas to think of…

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to July’s edition of Chairman’s Chat. I hope you all had a great month and enjoyed June’s many successful events. Congratulations go to both Glenn and Sophie for hosting their first events last month. Glenn’s England v Italy event was sold out even before the bulletin was out and Sophie’s Havana night had a great turn out with guys outnumbered by girls by at least 4-1. I didn’t get in till 4am so it must have been good. Its also great to see something a little different appearing in the bulletin thanks to Hilary and Pip (also Pips first event) for what sounded like a very successful Pudding club.

As you night have noticed with the survey I emailed round, I have been busy looking into venues for our Christmas party this year. It feels very strange when its so far away, but you have to be quick to get the best venues. We had a committee meeting last night and from the results of the survey, depending on availability, its looking like it will be held at the Double Tree in Hooleon Saturday the 20th; the final confirmation should be out next month.

Last of all a big welcome to our latest new members, Alan Farrar, Lee Pacey, Pip Newman and Nick Yates.

Have a good month everyone 🙂



Chairman’s Chat, June 2014: Hello from Dave, our new Chair

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first edition of chairman’s chat since taking over from Kay. First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Kay and the other outgoing committee members for all there hard work over the last year. It’s great to see that we have had a lot of new members join us and club nights and most events are being well attended.

For me I think the highlight of last month’s events was being part of Claire’s winning pub quiz team. We managed to beat a rival social group who do the quiz at the Bawn Lodge every week. The winning team consisted of Claire, Sophie, Greg, Alex M and myself and the vital winning question was which well known 3 word saying starts with the letters W… F… C… and comes from the name for flags raised as boats pass into port (sorry can’t remember exact wording but something along those lines). It had us stumped for a while but luckily we came up with the correct answer just in time.

Don’t forget to get your subs in quickly for 2014 if you haven’t already paid -check your e-mail for details on how to pay or let the committee know if you’re planning on not renewing.

Lastly a big welcome to our newest member Heather Duffy.

Have a good month everyone 🙂



Chairman’s Chat, February 2014 – Get ready for our trip to York, coming soon

Hi everyone,

2014 has begun very well with two great first events hosted by a couple of our new members and a packed-out party at Jo’s; thanks all! This month I’m going to try our book club for the first time and try not to let all the nights out we have in the diary get in the way of training for my first 10k race later this month!

We’re still planning a city break in York, this will now be in March to avoid the school holidays and the worst of the winter weather, hopefully! More info to follow. Yes, it will take a bit of planning and booking accommodation in advance but it will be worth it, we promise you!

We’ve also set the date for the AGM: put 23rd April 2014 in your diaries please!

This month we’re welcoming two new members Rhian and Claire. We’ve had ten new members join in the last six months who have all been women! The club mix is almost exactly 50/50 right now but this will change if we carry on at this rate! Surely there are some men out there in Cheshire and North Wales whose social lives could do with a boost?


Chairman’s Chat, January 2014 – a new start with IVC!

Hi everyone,
Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great Christmas. I had a fantastic time at the Racecourse again for the Christmas Party: excellent food, top entertainment and most importantly great company. Also the panto was fabulous as ever; get your name down early as it always sells out fast: thanks to Jo for booking, as ever. Don’t forget she’d love to see you at her Winter Warmer/fend off the January blues party on January 4th.

Here’s the first bulletin of the year, hope there’s something in it for everyone. Club night attendance has been excellent for a while now which is great. Please feel free to suggest a venue or let us know if you haven’t liked somewhere; it’s your club!

I recognise that the bulletin might seem a slightly dated format but I confess I rather like it. Do remember if you have any kind of smart phone it’s simple to open the pdf of the bulletin and save it so that it can be easily accessed at any time; ask any of the committee if you’re not sure about this and hopefully one of us can help out! For more impromptu events just send an e-mail to the group [email protected], use the private Facebook group or if you’re a bit shy e-mail Hilary or Jenni in events and they can help get the word out in the most appropriate way.

Do remember that we hope everyone will add an event or two to the bulletin over the course of the year. Please don’t feel it’s presumptuous to add one as a newer member, it’s a great way to get to know more people than just the regular Wednesday night crowd and doesn’t have to be over-complicated or time-consuming. We are a club run by the members for the members and do whatever it is you want to do.

We’re planning a weekend in York on 21st-23rd February which should be a great city break without travelling too far and also will include the annual Jorvik Viking festival! It will be a change from our usual trips which are more hostel/walking/outdoorsy so we hope lots of you will make it along, perhaps even some of those who’ve never been away with us before.

This month I’m pleased to welcome new member Marie.

Best wishes for 2014,

Chairman’s Chat, October 2013 – dark nights mean it’s soon our Autumn and Christmas parties!

Hi everyone,

It seems almost impossible on this dark evening that we started the month with a BBQ! Thanks for that, Gareth! Autumn is well and truly with us now, so to celebrate we’re having a party. I hope lots of you can join us at The Commercial on Saturday 19th; new members and those of you thinking about joining as well as lots of long-standing IVC stalwarts. It should be a great night, so please come along and bring your friends.

Our Christmas Party is not as far away as you’d think; we have reserved 40 tickets which will go on sale this month at £43, but remember there is a £7 subsidy for anyone who has put on a bulletined event this year (November bulletin at the latest). Do get moving if you’d like to take advantage of this subsidy and haven’t contributed to the programme yet this year. I really enjoyed the racecourse last year and so have SATURDAY 7TH DECEMBER 2013 clearly marked on my calendar! Please also remember the tickets are first come first served; we can get extra ones but only if you let us know with plenty of notice i.e. not the week before!

This month I’m looking forward to finally making it to Kuckoo; I’ve heard so many good things about the venue of our new regular cocktail nights so will make sure this is the month I join Leanne and Natalie there for a drink or two! Also we have some great club nights.

Notices this month are a big welcome to new member Helen Spencer and also a huge congratulations to members Andy and Rachael who got married on Saturday 21st September.

Kay x

Chairman’s Chat, September – Weekend in the Lakes, Alderley Edge caving, Heritage pub crawl, nights out!

Hi everyone,

As I write this I’m looking forward to the Cilcain Village show tomorrow and pleased that it seems there’ll quite a good IVC turn out for what seemed at first a slightly random entry into the August diary. On reflection however, it’s really quite representative of what IVC is all about: sharing local hidden treasures, introducing new people to your own favourite places and events and making the most of some time off work and hopefully some good weather!

As autumn is upon us we have a busier diary for September, highlights including Aidan’s Alderley Edge caving trip and a weekend away. Thanks to Jo for organising the weekend in Derwentwater again; hopefully the weather will be kind and it will be a fun, sociable trip to this beautiful part of the lakes. We also have some good nights out planned, and the long awaited second part to the “Ye Olde Ale trail” in Chester. For anyone who missed the first part back in March, talk to any of the large group who took on an epic yet fairly civilised pub crawl around about ten of Chester’s “Heritage” pubs; it was an excellent day!

Don’t forget as well as the public Facebook page we have a private group; if you’re not currently in the group speak to one of the committee and we’ll make sure you’re added. It’s useful for reminders about event details, club night locations, sharing pictures and links and any short-notice items and imminent events. Remember the website and (public) Facebook page are important tools for raising the club profile and attracting new members so interacting with them when you can is appreciated.
Finally, a warm welcome this month to new member Bethany Millen!

Chairman’s Chat – Sunny weather, beer festival, cycling, long evenings and a bank holiday!

Hi everyone,
I hope you’ve all been enjoying this glorious weather! Hopefully this will continue into August; I’d love to see some impromptu IVC gatherings to make the most of any sunny weekends and the long evenings before Autumn hits it. If you fancy organising anything you can either contact to Hilary and Jenni or e-mail directly to the club (albeit moderated by the committee) on [email protected]

July has been fantastic and I definitely made the most of the weather with my efforts on the back of the tandem checking out the new cycle route through the Dee Marshes, and also thoroughly enjoying the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival. If you’ve never been along to that one or think beer festivals aren’t your thing, I’d definitely recommend giving that one a look.

Do have a think about any events you can put on; everything is appreciated from the most simple to the spectacular! We are only as good as a group as you the members make it. We encourage everyone in the group to put on at least one event a year and hope people put in proportionally to what they get out of it!

I’m looking forward to the Bank holiday weekend in August; the Northgate Quarter is really coming into its own with its festivals, and there’s all sorts on locally; if you fancy “hosting” a trip/visit to any of the things on over this weekend do let us know!