Chairman’s Chat – July 2013

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this with the opening stage of the Tour de France on in the background, settled for an afternoon on the sofa after a busy start: I took a turn at marshalling at the Delamere Parkrun this morning, quite correctly having assumed that I wouldn’t be up for running myself the morning after our BYO Bistro night at Marmalade! Eighteen of us had an excellent meal last night, great value and it was lovely to have exclusive use of the venue for the night. Do check out the photographs on the facebook page or website!

Thanks to Aidan for the Wildboarclough weekend in June. Jo has Derwentwater booked for September and we’re hoping to have a UK city break in November as we felt we have a hole in the programme for a weekend away that’s not based around the outdoors!

July looks excellent: highlights include a bike ride, three very different cinema trips and drinks in town. The main event for me will be the always excellent Spitting Feathers Beer Festival out in Waverton- get your ticket FAST if you haven’t already, as this night has a great atmosphere and is something quite special.

Finally, this month we welcome new member Glenn Miller!


Chairman’s Chat – September 2012

Hi everyone,

August has been a busy month for planning! We now have two major events lined up which you will be able to get tickets for imminently: keep an eye on your e-mails!

Firstly, please go all out to make sure you can join us for the CNW IVC 21st Birthday party we’re holding at the Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club on Friday 28th September. We hope as many of our current members as possible will be able to come and that there will be a great turn out of former members and friends too. Tickets will be just £5 for all and there will be a DJ for the evening. Everyone is welcome and we hope it will be a very special night, a chance to share stories, meet some legends and catch up with people who you don’t see so often.

We will also start taking payments shortly for the Christmas party at Chester Racecourse; please buy early so that you don’t miss out! It’s on Saturday 8th December.

August has not been all party preparation though: I’ve enjoyed the excellent open air performance of Twelfth Night in Grosvenor Park, organised by Jane, and some great club nights. The large group who went off to Derwentwater with Jo all confirmed it was again a highlight of our annual programme and I’m looking forward to my first ever trip to Anglesey as I write this now.

Finally, just a note to say we have re-introduced a physical diary to help the events team encourage you to keep contributing, so that this bulletin is always packed with great events. It’s always best to follow up with an e-mail when you’re planning something (to [email protected] or to the group [email protected] depending on the nature and timing of the event) but please look out for it to see what dates we have free and what we have coming up further ahead!

Kay x

Chairman’s Chat – July 2012

Well June’s done and the start of summer has seen a number of chances to get outside, with varying amounts of co-operation from the weather! I both began and ended the month with picnics: a fun but chilly afternoon at the polo to start off and a great production of Romeo and Juliet in the gardens at Erddig last weekend, also chilly and slightly damp though very enjoyable. Luckily I had the chance to get away in the middle for some sunshine, though this meant I missed most of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations which I gather were excellent; Chester at its finest with the folk festival and lots going on in town too. Thanks to Alex F and Jo for their BBQ’s and to all those who’ve hosted events this month. Please do not hesitate to speak to Andy C or Alison B with ideas for events you’d like to see on the programme and if you know what you want to do and when, just drop them an e-mail with the details. Don’t forget to keep sending me texts with reviews and updates from events I’m not at so that I can keep tweeting, especially as we have a new celebrity follower: ITV’s Lucy Meacock!

Our three big weekends away are close but there is still time to get yourself a place: the imminent ones are the Cheshire Peaks, 13th-15th July (contact Aidan) and Derwentwater 3-5th August (contact Jo). Hope to see some of you at new member Leanne’s Charity comedy night on Thursday 5th at the Laugh Inn, for Aidan’s camping barn weekend at Wildboarclough, and at club nights of course! Also hoping I’m due some sunshine for my next outdoor event: the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival.

Kay x