Chairman’s Chat, January 2016

Hi All,

This is the last chairman’s chat of 2015. Looking back, we’ve had some great times through the year and I’m looking forward to plenty of good times to come in 2016.

We’ve welcomed some new members and hope to meet lots more new people in the new year.

So let’s raise a glass and welcome in 2016!

I would also like to welcome Alison to the group.


Chairman’s Chat, October 2015

Hi all,

I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by. We had our trip to Dublin where we found some great bars and places to eat, rode the open top bus around the whole city and even found prosecco on tap!! Aidan led a trip down the mines and we topped the month off with a few beers and a curry.

Coming up this month we have some tea parties, birthday celebrations and a farewell. Can you please get in touch with the organisers to let them know if you are coming. A few more changes will be brought in this month. We’ve drafted a ‘how to’ guide to explain to new members how to put on events and Pip is looking into ordering some business cards for the committee to hand out with our contact details on.

Finally, we will be trialling a new section in the bulleting called ‘What’s New With You’ in which members post a little update about anything new they’d like to share with the other members. We haven’t quite got it formatted yet but here’s some exciting news to get the ball rolling. Andy and Rachael would like to let you know about the arrival of baby Daniel last Wednesday (23rd Sept) weighing in at 7lb 13oz. I’m sure you’ll all join me in sending our best wishes and congratulations!



Chairman’s Chat – February 2013

Well that’s January over with! Let’s hope we’re done with the snow (yes, I confess, I’m completely Bah Humbug about it, however pretty!). It’s been a fun month considering it’s traditionally a time for watching what we eat, drink and spend! Thanks to Jo for her party and everyone who kicked off the year by hosting events. I enjoyed Christine’s Sushi Sunday lunch and had a great birthday night out with IVC’ers earlier on in the month, despite my fledgling cold which unfortunately turned into a 3 weeks germ-fest, meaning I missed out on a few other events.

I’m looking forward to Jenni and Hilary’s curry night to start the month off and hope a few of you will join me at Theatre Clwyd on the 12th to watch Danish film “The Hunt”, which I’m really looking forward to. I end the month with a holiday in the sun so will hopefully come back refreshed and ready to start heading us towards the AGM in April. Time to start getting your thoughts together on 2012-13 and the future of the club, and talking to members of the committee if you’re interested in getting involved next year!

It’s also a good time to think about any weekends away, trips or holidays you might like us to go on this year; whether old favourites such as Derwentwater and Anglesey, Aidan’s back to basics Wildboarclough camping barn weekend, or somewhere new for us!


Chairman’s Chat – November 2012

Hi everyone,

Autumn’s definitely here and brings with it a host of great things on in Cheshire for Halloween and Bonfire Night, with thoughts even heading towards Christmas. Tickets for the Christmas Party can be bought using the links found in your e-mails or in the members area of (password can be found as always at the back of this bulletin). They’re selling fast and I strongly recommend if you haven’t bought yours yet you do so within the next week! Should be a great night with great food and entertainment; I look forward to seeing lots of you there!

We’ve had some great well-attended events this month; thanks go to Aidan for taking a dozen of us down the mines at Alderley Edge which was a brilliant night and ensured I burned off at least some of the calories added from all of the months beer festivals and Hilary’s epic curry.

November is a very busy month with tons of great events so thanks to all who have contributed to this bulletin, especially those who are hosting their first event. There’s loads to look forward to so keep this bulletin to hand to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Kay x

Summer Evening Parkgate Stroll


When I realised that I’d scheduled my Parkgate stroll on the same afternoon as England’s first world cup game, I thought I might be strolling alone! However, the sun shone, as requested, and there was a great turnout so thank you to everyone who came along- it would have been very dull on my own! We started with the obligatory Parkgate ice cream (well, it would be silly not to!) and very nice it was too, before heading off along the front past the Boathouse and eventually joining the Wirral Way. The Harp Inn provided a welcome spot for rest and refreshment en route, with lovely views out across the Dee estuary before making our way back through the reed beds to Parkgate. Having well and truly walked off the ice cream by the time we returned to the car, a curry at Connah’s Quay finished the evening off nicely, and I think the curry house was very glad to have our custom on what looked like a very slow night for them! Hopefully they weren’t planning on sitting and watching the football either…


Chocolate, Rugby, Beer, Curry

Making hedgehogs at the chocolate factory.jpg

We had a busy few days this last weekend that all conspired to make our chairman very happy, 4 of her favourite things came together in two days:

Thanks to Neville for organising a trip to the chocolate factory in Tarporely where we all made chocolates with Charles.  None us knew what to expect but in the end all had fun and the chocolate hedgehogs we walked away with didn’t last long 😉  Some of us then stayed on a little longer for a meal and pint in the cosy Rising Sun pub just up the road.

The chair’s second favourite thing was of course Ireland winning at rugby: few of the rest of us were as happy but as least as we were watching it in The Mill Hotel the beer was excellent.  Some of took a break then and went for a walk around the walls while some stayed until we went to Harkers (more good beer) and rounded the night off with a very nice curry on the other side of the road at City Spice.

So a big thank you from all of us who were there, especially the chairman, to Neville, Emma and Roger for organising those events.

This month’s bulletin is out now so please book on to let the organisers know you’ll be coming.  And next month’s diary is open so if you want to put any events on yourselves this is your fist hint… 😉

ps. Alex has give me some photos from last year’s trip to Snowdon and they’re in the member’s area if you want to see them.