Transition Chester Ceilidh

IVC ers joined other supporters of Transition Chester to dance the night away at a fabulous Ceilidh in October. For those that are unsure what a Ceilidh is let me regale a little.

A Ceilidh is a dance where everyone comes together to follow a pattern of moves shouted out by a caller, the music provided by a folk band. The caller will announce the dance and encourage people onto the floor, helping those without partners to pair up. He or she talks everyone through the steps, and walks them through the moves once or twice, then the band starts up and the dance begins. The caller continues calling the steps for the first couple of rounds, until it’s clear that the dancers have “got it”. I must admit that by the end of the evening I never felt like I had “got it” often depending on my unfortunate dance partner to drag me in the right direction

There was much fun and laughter as people danced, tried to dance, and watched other people attempt to dance. The evening became more entertaining as the drink flowed and the dances became faster resulting in some interesting moments.

As well as dancing there was fab food and the inaugral appearance of the Transition Chester Apple Press allowing people to press local apples there and then for fresh apple juice. This proved even more popular than our Spitting Feathers Real Ale Brewery!

A big thank you to everyone for supporting this event