Chairman’s Chat, December 2017

Hi all, 

Christmas is coming! It’s the time of year when we head for cosy pubs and fire side drinks with good company. 

We have our Christmas party on the 22nd, always a fantastic night out. This year we’re at the Town Hall with 28 party goers confirmed so far. A few spaces are still available so please get in touch with me if you’d like to join us. 

We’re also celebrating Alison and Dan’s birthdays at the Slow Boat, having drinks with Andy B. There’ll be festive cheer with mulled wine and a brass band at Harkers. 

I hope to see a lot of you over the festive season.


Chairman’s Chat, October 2017

Hi all,

October is looking busy with some of our favourite events Fizzy Friday, a meal at the Slow Boat and a New Members’ event. We’ve also got a comedy night and a pool night, both of which were well attended and a great night out last time. And let’s not forget the Halloween party!

25 people have now confirmed that they will be coming along to the Christmas party. We have also reserved 15 places at the Brewhouse and Kitchen for New Year’s eve. Please get in touch if you’d like to come along. Tickets are £5 which includes a drink.

I hope to see you at one or more events this month.


Chairman’s Chat, December 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed last month’s events.  I can’t believe it’s December already; this year seems to have flown by.

I am really looking forward to the Christmas party at the Double Tree; we are trying out a new venue this year following the Racecourse the previous two years.  We have now sold all our tickets, and it should be a great night.  For those of you on the reserve list I will let you know if any spaces become available.

The calendar is a little bit empty over the Christmas period as people will be off doing their own thing with family and friends; feel free to organize any ad-hoc events using the members’ group e-mail and Facebook page.

Club night falls on Christmas Eve this year so we have decided to have a pub crawl instead to get us into the festive mood.  We are also hoping to get something organized for New Year’s Eve, possibly a house party or a night out; if you have any ideas or would like to host please let Rhian know.

This should have been in last month’s Chairman’s Chat but I had already submitted it before Andy reminded me…  So, better late than never well done to both Andy and Giles, who have both been sporting fine moustaches over the past month, for yet another year of supporting Movember raising money for men’s health awareness.  You can donate at

We have had another change on the committee this month as Carol stepped down due to other commitments.  So I would like to welcome and thank Heather who has volunteered to take her place.

Finally I would like to welcome our newest members Pip and Helen.

Have a good month every one and I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.



Chairman’s Chat, November 2014

Hi All,

Hope you all enjoyed last months events. There’s lots to look forward to this month as well.

Firstly, I would like to welcome and thank Ellie and Mike for volunteering to join the committee to take over from Claire as Membership Secretaries. They are both regular club night attendees and they will be great at welcoming prospective members to the group.

Thank you for all of those that have said they would like to come to the Christmas party on the 20th December at the Double Tree. So far we have 41 people on the list so it should be a great night and its always the highlight of the CNW-IVC year. We now need to collect in the balances for those who have put their name down for a ticket as we need to collect all the money by mid November so we can pay the hotel in time. Please can you pay ASAP via the Paypal links provided otherwise Richard Cross will be collecting money at club nights. If you have not put your name down for a ticket we should still be able to get places tickets are priced at £25 for members who have put on a bulleted event, otherwise £30 for members and £32 for Guests and Prospective members.

And lastly a big welcome to our newest member Stephan Abson

Have a good month everyone 🙂


Chairman’s Chat, November 2013 – now the clocks have gone back, there’s plenty going on at IVC

Hi everyone,

So the clocks have changed and we’re starting November with a weekend jam-packed with seasonal treats; make sure you read on into the bulletin quickly or you’ll be too late for everything on the first page!
We had a great turn-out for the Autumn Party at the Commercial so thanks to all the committee who were involved in organising that. I’ve also this month enjoyed finally making it to our monthly cocktail night; Kuckoo exceeded expectations with great drinks and excellent music!

Of course we have the Christmas Party coming up (Saturday 7th December 2013), it will be a great event so do get your tickets as soon as possible. The racecourse is a lovely venue and I hope to see lots of you there. Ask any of the committee for more information or check out the photographs from last year on our website. I’d better go dress shopping soon…

Finally, I’m delighted to give a warm welcome to THREE new members this month: Helen, Gen and Sarah!

Kay x