Rhoscolyn, Sept 09A big thank you goes out to Emma who organised a weekend away in Anglesey and managed to pick a weekend that was perfect with wall to wall sunshine for the whole time.

We all arrived on Friday night and relaxed after a hard week at work and we were all up ready and raring to go on the Saturday. Trustworthy Graham took the lead and directed us on a scenic walk along the coastal path. One group took the easy shorter option via the pub and the more adventerous continued. We all then met on the beach and the brave ( or dare I say stupid ) ones managed to go swimming in the ice cold sea. All I can say is that Graham did a very good impression of Daniel Craig!!!

The evening was spent recovering from our day with fish and chips and a bit of drink. Again no rest for the wicked as Sunday we divided up into 2 groups and some ventured off to Aberfraw to catch some rays and exercise those legs and then some got into their kayaks to see the delights of Anglesey coastline from a different angle. Hopefully everyone who went will say that they had a fab time and now we all know who William Booth is! Do you?

Rhoscolyn, Sept 09Rhoscolyn, Sept 09Rhoscolyn, Sept 09

(There are more photos in the members area.)

Emma’s Easy Stroll (from a pub to a pub)

I have got my hands on some more photos of the canoeing trip and our camping barn trip: this time from Aarti and they are on the website as well as a couple from Emma’s walk that I took, have a browse and as ever: if you have more hand them over!

Emma's Easy Stroll July 2009Wye Valley Sculpture TrailWye Valley Scultpure TrailDSCN0609.JPG

Hopefully this is in the paper this week:

IVC Social Activities Club
Thanks to Emma for organising a great walk along the Sandstone trail on Sunday as well as a friendly pub night on Wednesday. We are looking forward to going to the beer festival this Saturday.
IVC is a friendly, non-profit making, activity and social group, for professionals and graduates aged between 21-40. Come and join us.
For program details and group information contact www.cnw-ivc.org.uk or call (07843) 766 434

Wye canoe trip & Chester cycle race

Thanks to Aidan for organising the canoe trip, there are some photos in the members area now for those who want to see them 😉

I have also shared my photos from Tuesday of the cycle race around Chester so check those out too.

Messing about on the river at Symonds YatCycle race June 2009Cycle race June 2009

If you have any more photos for me please let me know and I’ll share those with everyone else.

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