Chairman’s Chat, September 2014

Hi Everyone,

I think I should have kept quite about the nice sunny weather in last months chairman’s chat; August seems to have ended up a bit on the wet side. We still had a good time and luckily it stayed dry for our fab Summer BBQ Party. A big thank you goes out to Rhian for organizing it along with her helpers and volunteer cooks Mike and Lee –it’s not easy catering for over 30 people on a tight budget, but the event was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Speaking of Rhian I think she might have set a record last month, well since I have been in the club anyway by hosting 5 events in a single month. I will have to remember that one when it comes to giving out prizes at the AGM next year.

Don’t forget to reserve your Christmas party tickets, they’re going fast at the time of writing this – 32 places have been reserved so far. I will be reserving further tickets with the Double Tree to make more spaces available; it should be a great night and I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

There are lots of great events to look forward to this month: our trip to the Lakes, another trip down the mines and bowling, to name a few that I’m looking forward to attending.
Have a great month everyone 🙂



Bowling and limericks

A big thanks to Alex for organising the bowling on Friday night, and to Aidan for running the treasure hunt around Lymm and Knutsford.  We met in Daresbury and split into a couple of teams to follow a trail of clues that lead us via the stocks, 10 pubs and a canal to Knutsford. 

Orange peel, snowflake and beer of the winning team on the Cheshire Villages treasure hunt: August 2009

 Orange peel, snowflake and beer of the winning team on the Cheshire Villages treasure hunt: August 2009


The Notorious Victorious team won and this limerick clinched it for them:

There was a young main called Aidan
Who sent his mates off parading
Round the Cheshire towns
Acting like clowns
Hoping to win something amazing

Coming a close second were the Give Up! team who limerick was:

There was a young man from Lymm
Who wanted to be super slim
He ordered his dinner
But to be thinner
It all ended up in the bin