Trip to Blackpool

Following the success of the Alton Towers trip in early June, I decided to run a trip to Blackpool at the end of July – partly for the rides, partly for the seaside aspect. Steve, Maria, Phil H and myself came along and started by meeting outside the Tower, before heading for a walk along the famous North Pier for the princely sum of 50p each! We then went for some lunch in town before heading to Pleasure Beach – with the first ride being the current Big One. Not for the faint hearted, Maria, Phil and myself felt suitably inclined to tackle it, with Steve watching on to view our emotions. Many of these were either adrenaline or terror… it is great fun but worth doing having done a previous ride as a warm up. As Phil put it, “it makes Nemesis look like a merry-go-round!” We then went and chose individual rides to go on, with particular enthusiasm shown by Maria towards the fire and water thrill of Valhalla. A soaking was the ultimate destiny and part of the excitement! The evening ended with a trip to Pizza Hut for the gang to share various pizzas between them, before heading home. Some pizza was left spare , with Steve deciding to finish it off at another time. All in all a fun day and not blighted by bad weather for once (other than some late rain for a time!)