Chairman’s Chat, June 2015

Hi All,

This is my first Chairman’s chat which is a little daunting.

Firstly, I would like to thank Dave for the good work he did in his role as Chairman last year. Dave has taken on the role of Webmaster this year so I’m really happy to still have him in the committee to help me as I settle into the role. I would also like to thank our outgoing committee members Sian, Aidan, Helen P and Alison B for all of their hard work and effort (Alison is kindly hanging on in the AIVC role until we have a replacement). I am very happy to say that Ellie, Mike, Richard and Heather will continue their great work and stay on the committee this year. I would like to welcome Sam and Pip in the roles of Bulletin Editor and Publicity Officer respectively.

I’m really looking forward to working with the committee to maintain, and improve if possible, some of the key things that makes the CNW IVC what it is – an active and engaged group of members, a great selection of events, new people coming along to our club nights and events and staying with us to become members.

My final note on the committee is to remind you all that the roles of AIVC and Events Officer are still vacant. If you think you might like to take on one of these roles or just want to find out more information please get in touch with myself, Alison or one of the committee.

I ought to mention, if you’re wondering what is going on in the picture, that’s the Fat Controller singing happy birthday to me last year in Llangollen. That’s the best picture I have! I’ll try harder for next month’s bulletin.

We had some great events on in May including the 2 beer festivals, the spring party, Eurovision party, pub crawl and a BBQ. Events for June are varied to say the least – a curry night, Bingo, prosecco evening, a country walk (with pub lunch) and a Dire Straits tribute act.

As most of you will know we also have an international event in June. Six of us are jetting off to Jakarta and Borneo to visit Claire, one of our more far flung members! Heather, Sian, Ellie, Helen H, Pip and myself are off to explore jungles, mountains, waterfalls and visit orangutans and sun bears and climb a volcano! Let’s hope we make it back in one piece otherwise you’ll have lost nearly half of your committee.

Well have a great month and I hope to see a lot of you out and about.


Chairman’s Chat – July 2013

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this with the opening stage of the Tour de France on in the background, settled for an afternoon on the sofa after a busy start: I took a turn at marshalling at the Delamere Parkrun this morning, quite correctly having assumed that I wouldn’t be up for running myself the morning after our BYO Bistro night at Marmalade! Eighteen of us had an excellent meal last night, great value and it was lovely to have exclusive use of the venue for the night. Do check out the photographs on the facebook page or website!

Thanks to Aidan for the Wildboarclough weekend in June. Jo has Derwentwater booked for September and we’re hoping to have a UK city break in November as we felt we have a hole in the programme for a weekend away that’s not based around the outdoors!

July looks excellent: highlights include a bike ride, three very different cinema trips and drinks in town. The main event for me will be the always excellent Spitting Feathers Beer Festival out in Waverton- get your ticket FAST if you haven’t already, as this night has a great atmosphere and is something quite special.

Finally, this month we welcome new member Glenn Miller!


Chairman’s Chat – June 2013

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this after a great committee meeting, where I think we managed to achieve something despite the repeated fits of giggles!

The highlight of the month for me was the beer festival, mainly as there was such a good turnout from members new and longstanding; it was great to catch up with so many people. Also I particularly enjoyed the coach trip back to Chester, where two Scouse girls were lambasting a sheepish looking young man about his poor performance downing the yard of ale. If only it was on YouTube.

We’ve made some steps forward with events in terms of keeping you all up to date so I just want to summarise these for you here. The current bulletin will be e-mailed out as normal at the start of each month but can also now be found in the members area of the website. There is also a calendar feature in the members area where you can view Forthcoming Events (further into the future than just the current bulletin). Hover over the dates on the calendar and you can see what is on. This might be useful if you’re wondering which dates are free to put on an event, or planning your own diary around what’s on. However you can always speak to Hilary or Jenni on the events e-mail address to find out everything you need to know if you’d like to host something and are wondering how it fits in with our existing plans.

We have also developed our “shop windows” for prospective members – a public facebook page, and on the website a calendar showcasing past events so people can get a flavour of who we are and what we do. Do take a look, “like” the facebook page, and speak to Leanne, Aidan, or myself for more info on these.

We welcome this month new member Hannah Edwards – if you haven’t met her yet, do say hello to her on a club night soon!

Chairman’s Chat – November 2012

Hi everyone,

Autumn’s definitely here and brings with it a host of great things on in Cheshire for Halloween and Bonfire Night, with thoughts even heading towards Christmas. Tickets for the Christmas Party can be bought using the links found in your e-mails or in the members area of (password can be found as always at the back of this bulletin). They’re selling fast and I strongly recommend if you haven’t bought yours yet you do so within the next week! Should be a great night with great food and entertainment; I look forward to seeing lots of you there!

We’ve had some great well-attended events this month; thanks go to Aidan for taking a dozen of us down the mines at Alderley Edge which was a brilliant night and ensured I burned off at least some of the calories added from all of the months beer festivals and Hilary’s epic curry.

November is a very busy month with tons of great events so thanks to all who have contributed to this bulletin, especially those who are hosting their first event. There’s loads to look forward to so keep this bulletin to hand to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Kay x

Chairman’s chat – May 2011

Aside from the AGM, April seems to be a non-stop food and drink fest! Thanks to Alex for giving me an excuse to wear my beer-frock and Christine to scare us in her Burkha, at his International Appetisers party, and to Jenny for a great kick-start to the longest weekend ever, by twisting lots of arms (!) to get a large group of us to Chester Beerfest.

Whilst I was chilling out in sunny Shropshire last week, the May events schedule has been filling up nicely, and I can see some interesting future events, too!

The current weather is perfect for the planned day-trips to Donington Park and Alton Towers over the May bank holiday, and I’m looking forward to a repeat of last year’s Real Ale Train ride in  Llangollen. This month we’re also starting “First Friday ” and “Last Friday” food as regular events; Phil has picked the venues for this month, but please volunteer to host in future months at your favourite foodie haunts!

To add to the already eclectic mix, we have both German speaking and French singing evenings planned for June. As the summer is here, and the evenings are lighter and the weather more reliable, it would also be good to see some more active / outdoor activities being planned. So if you’ve a penchant for outdoor Shakespeare, own a bicycle, a barbecue, a frisbee or just a pair of walking shoes, please feel free to organise a suitably summery event!


Chester Rhinos, Chestival Music Festival, Spitting Feathers Beer Festival

This weekend we’ve been pretty busy:

On Friday a few members went to see The Penguin Cafe at the Town hall for their excellent performance. It was great, you should have been there! This was the first event this month and at this rate it should be good:

Members also yesterday went to see the BIG SING as part of the Chestival and saw the Rhino’s starting to appear:

Chestival Big Sing.jpgChester Rhinos.jpg

Later in the month some of the members will be going to the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival in Waverton so we might see you there:

Spitting Feathers Beer Festival.JPG

If this sounds like your kind of social life, you’re over 21, live near Chester and want to meet more people who like to get out them call us and come and see what we do.

Halloween, Beer Festival, Fireworks

Well, that’s another busy month over and a new one started with a bang 😉

In addition to the usual badminton, dancing, cinema nights, meals and pub trips in the last couple of weeks we have been to the CAMRA beer festival in the Guildhall where we saw Mark Radcliffe on drums and tasted a selection of very nice ales, a few of us dressed up for the Halloween party at Bar Lounge where we had fun.  Since then after a comedy night in Mold on Thursday, a lot of us met up on the walls to watch the fireworks dispay over the Roodee on Saturday night before retreating from the cold to the Brewery Tap and The Cross Keys.

 CAMRA Autumn Beerfestival, Chester Guildhall, Oct 2009Bar Lounge Halloween Party, Nov 2009Roodee fireworks 2009

As always: there are more photos in the member’s area: the password is in your monthly bulletin.

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets to win a night at the hotel after the Christmas Meal (which has nearly sold out)!

Tickets are £1 frrom the chairman on club night: See you there, William

Spitting Feathers Beer Fetival / Cholmondley fireworks

Thanks all for making this a great weekend.

16+ members attended the beer festival in Waverton with a couple of us braving the rain to walk there from Chester. We had a really good time with great beer and a lively and enthusiastic live band who really fitted the atmosphere and weren’t allowed to leave the stage at the end without one last song (several times over).

Spitting Feathers Brewery Beer Festival : July 09Spitting Feathers Ales

Another 16+ members attended the pageant of power at Cholmondley castle and despite a brief flurry of rain were not deterred. The had a great evening which was rounded off with fantastic fireworks and a piper on the walls.