Chairman’s Chat August 2019

Hi All,

We certainly have had our ups and downs with the weather in July. However, it stayed dry when needed and even contributed to a great turn out of 25 at Club Night at Telfords.

This month we have our annual Summer BBQ at the Red Lion in Handbridge. This is a free event for members (non members are welcome for a small fee) and have had in excess of 35 people attending at past events. Please see full details later in the bulletin.

The rest of August’s events are varied indeed, a meal, cinema, theatre, Fizzy Friday and a day out – plenty to look forward to.

Have a great time and I hope to see you all soon.


Chairman’s Chat, August 2017

Hi all,

Wow, July was certainly packed with some great events and August won’t disappoint either!

August kicks off with almost an event every day in the first week! From a talk on wildlife, days out to live music. The month continues with surfing, chilli, castles and cinema trips. We welcome the return of moonlight flicks, cinema under the stars.

Not forgetting the IVC summer event – the summer BBQ on the 19th. Always a well attended event, food, friends and sunshine – what’s not to like! Well done to all of those putting on events – you make the club what it is.

See you all soon.


Chairman’s Chat, September 2014

Hi Everyone,

I think I should have kept quite about the nice sunny weather in last months chairman’s chat; August seems to have ended up a bit on the wet side. We still had a good time and luckily it stayed dry for our fab Summer BBQ Party. A big thank you goes out to Rhian for organizing it along with her helpers and volunteer cooks Mike and Lee –it’s not easy catering for over 30 people on a tight budget, but the event was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Speaking of Rhian I think she might have set a record last month, well since I have been in the club anyway by hosting 5 events in a single month. I will have to remember that one when it comes to giving out prizes at the AGM next year.

Don’t forget to reserve your Christmas party tickets, they’re going fast at the time of writing this – 32 places have been reserved so far. I will be reserving further tickets with the Double Tree to make more spaces available; it should be a great night and I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

There are lots of great events to look forward to this month: our trip to the Lakes, another trip down the mines and bowling, to name a few that I’m looking forward to attending.
Have a great month everyone 🙂



Chairman’s Chat – July 2012

Well June’s done and the start of summer has seen a number of chances to get outside, with varying amounts of co-operation from the weather! I both began and ended the month with picnics: a fun but chilly afternoon at the polo to start off and a great production of Romeo and Juliet in the gardens at Erddig last weekend, also chilly and slightly damp though very enjoyable. Luckily I had the chance to get away in the middle for some sunshine, though this meant I missed most of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations which I gather were excellent; Chester at its finest with the folk festival and lots going on in town too. Thanks to Alex F and Jo for their BBQ’s and to all those who’ve hosted events this month. Please do not hesitate to speak to Andy C or Alison B with ideas for events you’d like to see on the programme and if you know what you want to do and when, just drop them an e-mail with the details. Don’t forget to keep sending me texts with reviews and updates from events I’m not at so that I can keep tweeting, especially as we have a new celebrity follower: ITV’s Lucy Meacock!

Our three big weekends away are close but there is still time to get yourself a place: the imminent ones are the Cheshire Peaks, 13th-15th July (contact Aidan) and Derwentwater 3-5th August (contact Jo). Hope to see some of you at new member Leanne’s Charity comedy night on Thursday 5th at the Laugh Inn, for Aidan’s camping barn weekend at Wildboarclough, and at club nights of course! Also hoping I’m due some sunshine for my next outdoor event: the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival.

Kay x


A big thank you to A for two barbeques so far this year at his house! 

Having been tipped off by a colleague that the weekend was going to be a scorcher he popped into Argos on the way home and became the proud owner of a shiny half barrel.  A couple of e-mails and texts to the rest of the members and the next day a dozen of us we were all more than happy to help him christen it in the glorious sun the next day! 🙂


Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the garden soon…

– x –

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