Chairman’s Chat – August 2012

Summer finally arrived, in time for a very enjoyable weekend at Cumberland Cottage Bunk House in Wildboarclough this month; thanks to Aidan for the exceptional organisation that went in to it. Lessons learned and truths confirmed include: 16 miles is a very long walk; at some point on every walk, there is an exceptionally muddy farmyard; Geese do bite (has the mark gone down yet, Leanne?); when faced with a litter of Border Collie puppies, I am likely need considerable persuasion that I cannot, in fact, take one home; running water and electricity are not technically necessary for a good weekend. Definitely one to do again next year, maybe we can persuade a few more of you to rough it for a night or two; it’s a beautiful area!

We’ve had some lively club nights, a great time at the Laugh Inn, Dave’s film night, and a record badminton turn-out. The Spitting Feathers Beer Festival on Saturday was excellent as ever so I recommend everyone buys their tickets early next year to avoid missing out, though I know the many of you who joined Dave and Hilary out in Chester instead also had a great time!

We’ve two big weekends away book-ending August and good stuff in between. While the sun is shining, don’t forget Christmas isn’t as far away as you might think and next month we’ll be confirming ticket prices and subsidies for the Christmas Party. Remember we like everyone to host an event or two each year and you need to get one in the programme to ensure you get your discount for our party on Saturday 8th December!

Enjoy the sunshine and I hope to see lots of you this month; I’ll be at Richard’s Olympic party, some club nights and I’m looking forward to Sally’s weekend in Rhoscolyn, my first ever visit to Anglesey!



Chairmans’s Chat – March

Hello all! It’s that time of year, when the daffodils are coming out, new lambs are being born, and the old committee starts looking for recruits for next year’s club positions…

Yes, we’ve now got a date for the AGM, which will be on Wednesday April 13th, before club night, and all committee positions will be open for some new blood. If you think you’ve got something to give to this club, and you’d like to consider a committee position, speak to myself or any of the other committee members, and we’ll be able to tell you about the different posts, and how you might be able to fill them. Remember, IVC is a club run by its members for its members, and we need people to step up to make sure the club runs as well as we’d all like.

In other news, congratulations of course to Will and Amanda, who should by now be heading off on their honeymoon. By all accounts they had a great day, though I still think it would have been even better at Club Night.

But well done for making an honest man/woman of him/her! As for this month, I’m particularly looking forward to Christine’s pancake party, and am wondering whether to do my last year’s trick of eating loads of pancakes, then going to play badminton. Hey, it worked last year 🙂

But whichever I do, I hope I’ll see lots of you there – and indeed, at lots of other events through the month. See you at the March events!