Chairman’s Chat, April 2014: We’ve had some big events, and the AGM’s coming soon

Hi everyone,

I’ve really enjoyed March, starting the month with a trip to the Bridge End Inn in Ruabon with a huge group of IVC’ers. It was just the sort of event I think we do so well as a group; a trip to somewhere you’ve heard about but never got a round to going to, or for some people a day out you’d have never come up with on your own, go along with an open mind and find it’s actually much more enjoyable than you ever expected! The Istanbul BBQ on Brook Street in Chester was also excellent so I’d recommend checking that out if you haven’t yet. I also had a lovely night at Bollicini with Helen and Alex and a big bunch last weekend; again, a group offer you’d have struggled to arrange with just a couple of mates.

Huge thanks to Aidan and Hilary for all the work they put in to the York weekend. A city break was something new for us (in recent years at least) and while it can be difficult to tick everyone’s boxes for what they might want from a trip like that regarding accommodation, cost and activities, the group had a fab time and we’ll hopefully be able to run something similar in the future if there is interest and someone to spearhead as well as these two managed.

We’re round to AGM time again! Please arrive promptly by 8pm to claim your free drink and we’ll get down to business of reviewing 2013-14 and electing a new committee. While as always all members will be standing down from their post, there is a large percentage of the current committee not seeking re-election, and so we really do need you all to give some thought to getting involved to keep the club moving. Our numbers are thriving and club nights have rarely been so consistently busy, so hopefully we’ll have plenty of fresh keen blood and maybe some longer-standing members stepping up, to move us onwards and upwards.

I’ll save my own committee sign-off for the AGM and next month’s handover “Chairman’s Chat”!


Caving at Alderley Edge Copper Mines

Ten IVC members went down to the copper mine at Alderley Edge. The mines stretch for 14 miles under the Cheshire countryside. Armed with helmets and head torches we descended into the depths of the mine. It was dry and surprisingly warm inside the mine. We travelled through tunnels, descended ladders, saw a copper river and large caverns. A few members managed to squeeze through a small hole (optional) and through the Hourglass! We traversed with ropes and slid down rocks. Our fantastic guides were the Derbyshire Caving club who were clearly experienced at showing beginners the delights of caving. We all came away after 3.5hrs in the cave saying what an amazing experience it was and a total bargain at only £10. The money goes towards the leasing and maintenance of the mines. Thanks Aidan for organising such a great event. I look forward to the next trip!

Have a look at the photos from our trip!

Alison B

Chairman’s Chat – December 2012

December’s here! I can believe it though, because it’s freezing! I’m looking forward to putting up my Christmas tree the day before the party and declaring the festive season open from then.

November’s been a busy month for me so I’ve missed a few IVC events which sounded great, but I enjoyed my first time at Dave’s cinema night and an epic feast at grub of the month at Hickory’s Smokehouse. Thanks to everyone who put things on this month and especially to those who hosted their first events! Great to see new members rolling their sleeves up and getting involved.

Thanks also to everyone who brought items for the Liverpool Keep Warm Collective’s appeal for women’s winter clothing. These were dropped in Liverpool this week and will be much appreciated.

We have 39 of us off the Racecourse for the Christmas Party and with a good mix of long standing and newer members it should prove to be a great event! I’m also over-excited as ever about our trip to the Theatre Clwyd Pantomime, which is always joyful. As we go to press there’s one ticket going spare so get in touch with Jo if you fancy it!

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone and get thinking about some events for January that are New Year’s Resolution friendly: low cost, low calorie, high energy and maybe a chance to try new things?!


Upcoming May / June events


There’s loads going on this month! A bunch of us will be heading off to Llangollen to take a trip on the Ale Train, and some more adventurous types will be getting wet and wild, Canyoning on an activity weekend.


Meanwhile there are numerous cultural events planned, such as theatre trips, concerts and a film night, to go with the usual quota of meals out and drinks. For details, members can check their bulletin.

Non-members are welcome to contact John or Fiona on  07843 766434, or check out the FAQ