Rabbits with Guns

Just a quick note to clear one thing up: Errol is not a rabbit with a gun but is a beaver (with a gun (and a sherriff’s badge)). He was last seen at our Wild West Spring Ball (a ceilidh) a couple of years ago but is well and awaits the next chance to get out there and shake his tail!


There seems to be some confusion on the subject although I don’t know why: does he look like a rabbit to you?

Clevendon conference

Just a short note to show you all our prize from AIVC conference:

We won these chocolates for having one of the three best IVC websites (as judged by the outgoing publicity officer) which we will give to the member who last year built this site for us (thanks again GW).

AIVC conference 2010: Our prize for having one of the best websites in AIVC

We also won two other prizes (in uncontested categories 🙂 ):

I walked away with a bottle of Vodka for coming up with the winning mission statement of ‘The Spirit of IVC to to get out, make new friends and to have fun’.

We also won a small box of chocolates for the ‘Best Free Publicity’ so thanks to The Standard for that. Thanks to the other IVC’s too for not entering which I’m sure greatly increased our chances of winning 😉

The weekend was good (there are some photos in the member’s area) and we came away with a few ideas that might help us to retain newly attracted members and to attract more. We sat through a fair amount of silly politicing from some clubs who should have left their dirty laundry at home and learnt that most have trouble getting members to put on events. In one club the membership fee doubles if you don’t put on at least two events a year: maybe we should try that 😉

On the Saturday afternoon we went for a very nice walk down to the sea and on Sunday went to Tyntesfield which we liked. Saturday night’s 60s night was fun too so a big thanks again to out hosts Bristol and Bath IVC.

Don’t forget that next week is our AGM! (Free drinks! 8pm prompt)

Moel to Moel

This weekend our chair, in her last event in that role, lead us on a 6 mile walk from Cilcain up to Moel Fammau and along to Moel Arthur. When I say ‘lead’ someone else had done the walk before so told us where to go and she had someone else carry the map for her but it was her idea! And what a glorious day we had for it!

We met at 11 and after an hour waiting for various stragglers to find us set off from the village (starting next to the pub: it was a circular walk (can you see where I’m going with this?)) and through fields of lambs to the first hill. It was lovely so we stopped a few times and decided to go to the top of Moel Fammau for lunch. We rested again there and had our lunches before strolling along the ridge to look across at Moel Arthur. As it was so nice we walked up that hill too and on reaching the village again stopped at the pub.

Hope to see you soon at a future event, we’ll be in Llangollen next weekend and our next weekend away is Derwentwater in May.

William (p.s. there are more photos in the member’s area)

The walk we did was:

from a book of walks which can be downloaded for free from:

Our start point:

View Larger Map

Comedy and Genius

In the last couple of weeks IVC have been to a couple of comedy clubs (at Alexander’s (very good) and Theatre Clwyd to see Silky and his chums (even better)).  In both cases we sat at the front!  Whose bright idea was that?  Oh well, we survived the experience and had a great time on both occasions and were fit enough to go on a day trip to Manchester to see Da Vinci – The Genius exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry:

No pictures I’m afraid they weren’t allowed! However it was an excellent trip to Manchester and the exhibition. Train was packed in both directions so were lucky we managed to find seats, though not together! There were seven of us and on arrival in Manchester we all headed to Don Giovanni’s (appropriately an Italian restaurant) for a meal before heading to the exhibition! All of us ate too much so could barely walk after! The food was excellent, as was the exhibition. All of us were stunned at how much Leonardo Da Vinci did in his life that have a huge bearing on our lives’ today. Everything from the perfection of ball bearings, to cranes and the principle of helicopters right through to his artwork and sculpture, the obvious examples being The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. A very enjoyable day.

Loose Kites at Telfords

Thanks this week go to Alex for organising us all to go to Telfords and watch the ever entertaining Loose Kites put on another storming performance and it was good too to see a few people who I hadn’t seen since our Christmas Ball.

Loose Kites Telford Jan 2010 .jpg


I guess I should also remind you that Badminton is still on every week and to look in your bulletin or contact Steve or Mark for more details.

Thanks too to Amanda for organising a dog race night and worst gift exchange at her house last weekend.  There were a few of us there and we watched 8 races from the DVD and 3 of us came out with a profit!  I’ll not say what was exchanged in the worst gift exchange though as you never know who might read this 😉

See you at club night…

Happy New Year 2010

I hope you all had a great New Year,  IVC celebrated it in style at The Custom House pub in Chester.  It was a great night and those that went had a fun evening as pirates at the themed party.  Which reminds me:

Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they arrrr… 😉


To any members reading this Happy New Year from the committee and to any people thinking of joining or wondering what we do: Happy New Year from all of us too!

Glitter party and a pub lunch

Another busy weekend of shopping: this weekend some of us went out to Tarporley to the First Wright Manley Xmas Fayre and auction.  We came back laden with cheeses, flowers, lots and lots of holly and a tree! It was quite a nice evnet, all the better for the free mulled wine to keep away the chill while we waited for our lots to come up.  We followed that by a trip to the Dysart arms to warm ourselves by their fire and for a spot of lunch:

Lunch at the Dysart Arms

Thanks this week go to Jo letting us all come round and enjoy her hospitality for another great house party.

The next event is the Panto so maybe I’ll see you there, oh yes I will!…

Christmas shopping and a show

Christmas is coming, the diary’s looking fat, please come to the pub for our club night?  Hmm: I think I might have to work on my rhyming…

Christmas is coming, the diary’s looking fat, please put a January event into the hat, if you don’t know what to do then God Bless You.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, The new diary is on its way, oh what fun it would be to fill it up today!  We have a new diary so HEY HO HEY HO HEY! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Please come along to one of the remaining club nights and put an event (or two) in the diary for 2010! (Especially if you didn’t put an event on in 2009 as you are kind of missing the point of this being a club run by members for members 😉

If you didn’t get December’s bulletin please let me know as it is out!

If you need help planning an even or want to put a joint event on with someone else Aidan is there and will give you all the help that you need.  Poetry writing anyone… ?
ps. Thanks to Steph and Emma for putting on shopping trips to Manchester and Liverpool (although I think we had more fun in Liverpool as we went to see a show afterwards !)
Never Forget at The Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Thanks too to Jackie for arranging for a lovely Sunday pub lunch: see you all again this Saturday (well, it is festive meal season after all 😉 )


Well, another busy weekend:
Walk to Horseshoe Falls, Nov 09Llangollen, Nov 09
Thanks to Jo for organising the trip to Llangollen where a few of us went walking in the rain to Horsehoe Falls (by which time it had cheered up a bit (there are pictures in the members area for those of you who are interested)).  We stopped for a very nice £5 pub lunch on the way back along the canal at the Chain Bridge Hotel *; finishing our trip off with a bit of Christmas shopping in the craft store in town.
A group of members also went to see Men Who Stare At Goats at Cheshire Oaks and more of us will be out at the pub later tonight.
The Christmas Ball has sold out (we had to buy extra seats to fit you all in!).  Don’t forget though that you can still buy raffle tickets for our charity raffle so please do.
The diary is now open for December and January for our social club so now would be a good time to put an event on in Chester, Cheshire or North Wales…
*Random fact for the day: The first chain bridge at that point was built by Exuperius Pickering in 1814.