Chairman’s Chat – Feb 2011

Hi all, and welcome to February’s bulletin.

I’ve just had a great time at Richard’s Wii bowling tournament, where we raised money for charity, had

fun playing lots of different games, and all got beaten soundly by a primary school girl. More practice

needed before next time!

This month’s bulletin is Brought to You by the Letter C. We start with a trip to the Cinema, then see a

Classic at Theatr Clwyd. Later we’re visiting Chester’s new Comedy Club, then interrupt our Cultural

events with not just one Curry but a second Curry as well, raising Cash for Charity. Continuing to be

Culinary, Jon is hosting ComeDine With Me, after which we go to the Cinema again, Chortle at some more

Comedy, and close the month at Chirk Castle.

They nearly missed getting a mention, but we’ve more Cuisine being offered throughout the month by

Helen, Emma and Alison; and I have to say a word for John, who’s being close-lipped about his

Valentine’s Surprise – will it be a night of Cupid or Cheese? And of course, how could we forget Club Night,

especially our trips to the Custom House!

Continuing the theme, it’s time to get your Cameras out! We’d like to get lots more photos on the

website, so when you go along to an event, take your camera along, snap a few pictures and send them

to the webmaster.

Even though it keeps on being dark and cold out there, you’ve kept on putting in lots of events in the

diary to keep everyone busy – so thanks to everyone who’s put on an event this month. And to those of

you who didn’t get round to it this time – the diary is ready for you to put in some events for March! If you

haven’t put on an event before and would like some guidance, talk to Sally or any committee member;

we’ll be happy to lend a hand and give some suggestions. Remember, this club is what you make of it –

the more we all put in, the more we all get out.

See you at the February events!



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