Chairman’s Chat: December

Hi all,

Welcome to the December edition of the IVC bulletin. Is it really only the start of December? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking out of the window at all the ice and snow and thinking it must be January or something. Fortunately I’m assured I haven’t overslept and missed Christmas!

Thanks go to Jo for bringing back the bonfire party… it turns out that even building a house in the middle of the garden doesn’t stop you finding space to let off fireworks, although a fair number of people were hiding behind the garage when some of the fireworks were let off! Thanks as well to Jo, and everyone else who contributed, for all the food that was there.

There’s still one or two places left at the Christmas party on the 18th, so if you hurry you might still get a place! There are a few of you who haven’t got your menu choices in, or even your money (tut, tut!) so get them in quickly or we’ll have to send the mob round to collect… We’ve got a room to ourselves this year, and I’m looking forward to another great do!

We’ve also got a visit to the German Christmas Markets in Manchester to look forward to, the carol concert in Chester Cathedral on the 19th (a great lead-up to Christmas, assuming we’ve recovered from the party!) and of course the traditional not-so-traditional rock and roll panto – for which there might be a couple of tickets left. And I’m looking for some more crazy people to get their Santa outfits and come running round the centre of Liverpool with me. What’s that you say? I’m the only crazy one here? How dare you!

Have fun and have a great Christmas,


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