Chairman’s Message: September

IVC Cheshire & North Wales


Hi everyone, welcome to the September edition of the Cheshire and North Wales IVC bulletin. Firstly, a word for any of you that have been surprised by cheques coming out of your bank account recently. Due to problems with Alliance and Leicester, we have only recently been able to hand over control of club funds to the new committee. Any of you that paid your membership for this year by cheque will have seen that money go out of your account last month (August), as we finally got control of the account. Apologies to anyone that was surprised by that.

Spitting Feathers Beer Festival : July 2010

The camping barn weekend was lots of fun and it was good to see people up there. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t too good, but this summer that was nothing special and we got out walking anyway! Although we tried very hard, we managed not to have anyone swept away crossing stepping stones over the River Hodder – hopefully we should get some pictures up soon to prove it. However, we found that A is such a southerner that going that far north makes her get really ill, and she had to go back! Never mind, try and acclimatise yourself next time and you should be OK!

Chipping camping barn weekend : August 2010

We’ve enjoyed trying out different pubs in Chester while the usual venue was being refurbished and have had some successful club nights at our different venues. It is now open again, so we’re back there through September. As you might have heard, we’re contemplating whether we want to stay at there. It’s got very good facilities for the club – the seating means we can almost always gather together comfortably in a group, no matter how many of us are there; there’s no loud music stopping us talking; and of course, we get the upstairs room for our AGM. However, it has seemed a little run down recently, so we are considering whether we should use one of the pubs we visited in August as a regular club night venue. September gives us a chance to try it out again and we can then discuss matters at the next committee meeting, but if you’ve got an opinion, then let me know!

Cycle to Ice Cream Farm : July 2010

I’ve announced over email recently that we’d like to encourage all members to take more part in the varied events put on by other members in the club. We always say that it’s the events people put on that make this club; but it’s people choosing to come on them that makes the events! Sometimes it can be easy to just receive a bulletin and not really take much notice of what’s going on in the club, so you can miss out on something fun you could be doing with us. We’ve decided to make the first Wednesday pub meet of every month New Bulletin Night. The new bulletin will be out with all the events in the new month, so it’s a great chance to find out what upcoming events might interest you. So if you want to find out more about what’s going on then come along; and if you’ve put an event in the bulletin then come and tell us all more about it and encourage people to do it! If you can’t make the first Wednesday and you’d still like your event promoting, let the committee know and we’ll do what we can. We’d also like your feedback as to the sort of events we should look to do – if you think you’d like there to be more events of a certain type, then again, let us know.


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