1st night is event night!

Hi all,

In the committee meeting yesterday we discussed how we can help people to promote events they are putting on.

We’ve decided to set the club night on the first Wednesday in every month as New Bulletin Night – when we make a point of looking at and
chatting about the events in the new bulletin.  As well as a normal social night, it’s a chance to find out more about the events that are
on in the month and to see which catch your interest; so come along and get involved.

If you’re putting an event on, do try to come along to promote your event.  It’s a chance to sell your event and encourage lots of people
to come along – and we all know that the best way to get people to come on your events is to tell people about them!  Don’t worry –
there’s no need to stand up and make a speech (unless you really want to…), just come along and chat about what you’re planning over a drink.

We on the committee will also be there to promote things, so if you’re putting on an event and you think you can give us useful information, let us know at the events address.  If it’s your first event we’ll be happy to give additional support if you’d like.  And if you can’t make that evening then let us know and we’ll tell people about your event – though of course it’s always better if you can do it yourself, because you know your event best (and we might have lots of other events to promote!)

Obviously, every club night is a chance to talk about events – and if you’re putting on an event, you might well want to keep on telling
people about it at other times as well!  But often this doesn’t happen at all, so we’re making this a chance for us all to get together;
those who might be interested in going on events know that people will be there to talk about them, and people who are putting on events know that it’s their chance to promote them.

So, the first New Bulletin Night is next week – the first of September, in the usual venue.  Come along and tell people about your
event, find out about events that month, and just meet up and have a drink!


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