Chester Rhinos, Chestival Music Festival, Spitting Feathers Beer Festival

This weekend we’ve been pretty busy:

On Friday a few members went to see The Penguin Cafe at the Town hall for their excellent performance. It was great, you should have been there! This was the first event this month and at this rate it should be good:

Members also yesterday went to see the BIG SING as part of the Chestival and saw the Rhino’s starting to appear:

Chestival Big Sing.jpgChester Rhinos.jpg

Later in the month some of the members will be going to the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival in Waverton so we might see you there:

Spitting Feathers Beer Festival.JPG

If this sounds like your kind of social life, you’re over 21, live near Chester and want to meet more people who like to get out them call us and come and see what we do.

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