Chairman’s Message: July

Hej från Sverige! (Translated, that means “Hello from the land of saunas, Volvos and the Midnight Sun!”) I’ve cleverly arranged my holidays for the end of the month and left the rest of the committee with everything to do. Looking at how well they’ve done it, I think I’ll have to do the same later in the year!

We’ve got an exciting bulletin this month, with lots of fascinating looking events on throughout the month. I’m almost wishing I wasn’t on holiday for some of the earlier events… I’ll look forward to hearing about them when I get back. Unfortunately we don’t currently have anything planned for the weekend of the 24-25 July, so if anyone wants to put on an impromptu pub trip, meal, walk or similar, let the events officer know. And even though it’s a whole month until the August bulletin comes out, now’s the time to start thinking of August events, so we can get an even better programme next month.

Don’t forget our two trips away in the next couple of months, to the camping barn in the Forest of Bowland and to Rhoscolyn on Anglesey. I hear that Rhoscolyn is filling up fast, but I’m sure you can still get on either of them. I’m looking forward to exploring the Forest of Bowland some more; in fact, put my name down will you? (Can I get away with booking my place in the front page of the bulletin? Course I can; you have to have some perks as Chairman!)

Enjoy the July events, and see you soon.

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