A big thank you to A for two barbeques so far this year at his house! 

Having been tipped off by a colleague that the weekend was going to be a scorcher he popped into Argos on the way home and became the proud owner of a shiny half barrel.  A couple of e-mails and texts to the rest of the members and the next day a dozen of us we were all more than happy to help him christen it in the glorious sun the next day! 🙂


Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the garden soon…

– x –

Find us in the paper this week:

Do you want to make new friends in the area? Why not check out IVC? . This week members walked at Parkgate and enjoyed an ice cream and a curry and also at Halkyn with a pint at The Bluebell. Why not check out the web site and come along. Members suggest a huge range of activities. IVC is free for the first few weeks and only makes a nominal charge for membership.www.cnw-ivc.org.uk or call (07843) 766 434

Cheshire and North Wales IVC is a friendly, non-profit making, activity and social group, for professionals and graduates aged between 21-45. Come and join us. We would enjoy meeting you.
Check out the programme for news and group information contact

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