A bit of class

That‘s a bit more like it: some culture at last. This month has had a bit more class so in addition to the usual book clubs, cinema trips and ale we also managed to take in a bit of Mozart in the Cathedral and to meet Sherlock Holmes in Runcorn. Does Alice in Wonderland count as culture too? I’m not sure but we liked it 🙂

This month‘s bulletin will be out at the weekend hopefully so you can plan what you want to come on. As the weather is improving we’ll might see a few walks, cycle rides and some camping and don‘t forget there are are two weekends away that you need to sign up for soon.  Does anyone fancy organising canoeing again this year?

Also this month is the AGM so please make every effort to be there: would a free beer influence your decision to attend? Thought it might: read the chairman’s chat

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