A simple plan

It was a simple plan we had a couple of weeks ago, to go for a simple stroll around town, visiting a few of our favourite spots and relaxing with friends.  We decided to visit a couple of nice pubs and then a few we had heard about but never visited.  In the end it became a pub crawl, a student pub crawl at that: designed to visit the cheapest pubs in town (plus a couple of nice ones for balance).  If you want to know how it went track down one of the attendees at a club night but this was the plan:

7:30 – The Red Lion (Northgate, next to Eastern Glory), then to the centre and along the Rows to
8:15 – The Boot (Eastgate Row North, top level), then crossing Pepper Street to
9:00 – The Falcon (Bridge Steet), and not far to
9:45 – The Brewery Tap (also Bridge Steet), then around the walls to
10:30 – The Albion (near Forum Gardens), and past the amphitheatre to
11:15 – The Square Bottle (Foregate Street) and the very short stumble around the corner to
12:00 – Forest House (Love Street) and cross the road to
12:45 – Brannigans

Sadly Brannigans shut itself down (we talk no responsibility) but not a bad plan hey 😉

The Albion - a destination on our pub crawl.jpg

In case you are a prospective member don’t be put off by this, we do also see plays, attend comedy nights and go for walks but it is winter…

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