Chocolate, Rugby, Beer, Curry

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We had a busy few days this last weekend that all conspired to make our chairman very happy, 4 of her favourite things came together in two days:

Thanks to Neville for organising a trip to the chocolate factory in Tarporely where we all made chocolates with Charles.  None us knew what to expect but in the end all had fun and the chocolate hedgehogs we walked away with didn’t last long 😉  Some of us then stayed on a little longer for a meal and pint in the cosy Rising Sun pub just up the road.

The chair’s second favourite thing was of course Ireland winning at rugby: few of the rest of us were as happy but as least as we were watching it in The Mill Hotel the beer was excellent.  Some of took a break then and went for a walk around the walls while some stayed until we went to Harkers (more good beer) and rounded the night off with a very nice curry on the other side of the road at City Spice.

So a big thank you from all of us who were there, especially the chairman, to Neville, Emma and Roger for organising those events.

This month’s bulletin is out now so please book on to let the organisers know you’ll be coming.  And next month’s diary is open so if you want to put any events on yourselves this is your fist hint… 😉

ps. Alex has give me some photos from last year’s trip to Snowdon and they’re in the member’s area if you want to see them.

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