Pub meal and quiz win!

Nicola, Dave, Hannah, Graham and I went to the pub quiz at The Red Lion at Dodleston on Tuesday. Four of us had a meal first – very good value and chips all round! Graham joined us for the quiz.

We got off to a slow start but made up for it and ended up winning!

£20 was the reward, so we all went home £3 to the better, if you take the £1 entry into account. Unfortunately we’ll be given a 5-point handicap the next time we go. We’re pretty sure, however, they won’t remember us if we don’t go again for a couple of months, especially if we have a different team name and different people! All in all, the quiz was a good mixture of questions – not too much on any one topic, something for everyone plus picture of “celebrities” and dingbats.”

Jane 10/02/10

If you are interested in joining us for a pub quiz have a look in the bulletin for contact details:  Even better if you are going to one and want some help put it in the diary and be the contact!

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