Loose Kites at Telfords

Thanks this week go to Alex for organising us all to go to Telfords and watch the ever entertaining Loose Kites put on another storming performance and it was good too to see a few people who I hadn’t seen since our Christmas Ball.

Loose Kites Telford Jan 2010 .jpg


I guess I should also remind you that Badminton is still on every week and to look in your bulletin or contact Steve or Mark for more details.

Thanks too to Amanda for organising a dog race night and worst gift exchange at her house last weekend.  There were a few of us there and we watched 8 races from the DVD and 3 of us came out with a profit!  I’ll not say what was exchanged in the worst gift exchange though as you never know who might read this 😉

See you at club night…

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