Birthdays & Bat For Lashes

Juergen's birthday (Wrexham) YeahSayer - O2 Liverpool Bat For Lashes - O2 Liverpool Sunday lunch at The Raven Inn

 Juergen’s birthday (Wrexham) ~ YeahSayer – O2 Liverpool ~ Bat For Lashes – O2 Liverpool ~ Sunday lunch at The Raven Inn

We have so many birthdays this month and as a result we have a clash in events tomorrow

C* celebrated her birthday last Saturday.
Today it’s K*’s and A*’s birthday so many happy returns!
Saturday it’s R*’s (I think!)
Sunday it’s J*’s.
Next weekend it’s A*’s and J*’s.
Plus later in the month it’s E*’s, C*’s and S*’s.
Apols if I have missed anyone out
 K* is celebrating hers tomorrow at the Ruan Orchid restaurant in Chester (Friday 9th October).
If you are attending you should have contacted her on by the 1st!
J* is celebrating his birthday tomorrow (Friday 9th October) at the Chicago Rock in Wrexham (35 Brook Street, LL13 7LH) at 9pm.
If you are joining him please contact him.
Plus J* and G* are meeting at The Raven Inn, a community rub pub for Sunday lunch and a hour’s stroll around the area.  Hopefully I’ll see you there, 
Thanks and Regards,

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