Chairman’s Chat – Sunny weather, beer festival, cycling, long evenings and a bank holiday!

Hi everyone,
I hope you’ve all been enjoying this glorious weather! Hopefully this will continue into August; I’d love to see some impromptu IVC gatherings to make the most of any sunny weekends and the long evenings before Autumn hits it. If you fancy organising anything you can either contact to Hilary and Jenni or e-mail directly to the club (albeit moderated by the committee) on [email protected]

July has been fantastic and I definitely made the most of the weather with my efforts on the back of the tandem checking out the new cycle route through the Dee Marshes, and also thoroughly enjoying the Spitting Feathers Beer Festival. If you’ve never been along to that one or think beer festivals aren’t your thing, I’d definitely recommend giving that one a look.

Do have a think about any events you can put on; everything is appreciated from the most simple to the spectacular! We are only as good as a group as you the members make it. We encourage everyone in the group to put on at least one event a year and hope people put in proportionally to what they get out of it!

I’m looking forward to the Bank holiday weekend in August; the Northgate Quarter is really coming into its own with its festivals, and there’s all sorts on locally; if you fancy “hosting” a trip/visit to any of the things on over this weekend do let us know!


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