Emma’s Easy Stroll (from a pub to a pub)

I have got my hands on some more photos of the canoeing trip and our camping barn trip: this time from Aarti and they are on the website as well as a couple from Emma’s walk that I took, have a browse and as ever: if you have more hand them over!

Emma's Easy Stroll July 2009Wye Valley Sculpture TrailWye Valley Scultpure TrailDSCN0609.JPG

Hopefully this is in the paper this week:

IVC Social Activities Club
Thanks to Emma for organising a great walk along the Sandstone trail on Sunday as well as a friendly pub night on Wednesday. We are looking forward to going to the beer festival this Saturday.
IVC is a friendly, non-profit making, activity and social group, for professionals and graduates aged between 21-40. Come and join us.
For program details and group information contact www.cnw-ivc.org.uk or call (07843) 766 434

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