Bunkhouse weekend at Wildboarclough, Cheshire Peak District: 13 – 15 July

Come along for a weekend in the heart of the Cheshire Peak District. The cottage is in the hills near Wildboarclough, and there are fantastic options for wonderful walks in the area, some leaving from the cottage doorstep – or if it’s wet, to head out and explore the pretty town of Buxton or other places in the Peak District.

The bunkhouse is basic; it has 16 bunk beds in a single room, and also has space for camping; let Aidan know if you’d prefer to camp, then if we have too many you can be first on the list to go outside! The only water supply is from a spring outside (there are chemical toilets); but there is a gas stove for cooking, so we’ll have hot water for washing and for cups of tea and coffee! Scariest though is that the cottage is not on the road – the road (and car park) is about half a mile away, and we’ll carry all our things up the track to the cottage.

Fortunately there is some civilisation nearby, and when we’ve all arrived on the Friday we’ll either walk or head into the cars to one of the nearby hostelries: the Stanley Arms at Bottom of the Oven, or the Crag Inn at Wildboarclough, both with real ale, restaurant and log fires (which hopefully we won’t need in July!) On Saturday we’ll have a hearty breakfast before heading out for a walk around the area (possibly with the option of easy and hard walks), followed by either a BBQ or another trip to the nearby pubs (depending on the weather and how comfortable the cottage turns out to be). On Sunday we’ll have another more relaxed breakfast, followed by more walks or sightseeing, depending on what we feel like.

The cost is a snip at £5.75 per person per night, so that’s a bargain of £11.50 for a weekend away in some really lovely countryside. And it’s only 80 minutes’ drive away from Chester, so easy for anyone to get to!

Contact Aidan for more information.


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