What does ‘IVC’ stand for anyway?

‘Inter Varsity Club’. The first IVC started in the 1940s as a social club by recently graduated University Students, hence the name.

Who runs the club?

We have a committee that organises the administration of the club, but it’s the members who make the club by organising events and activities for people to enjoy.

What do subscriptions pay for?

  • Membership of AIVC, which includes public liability insurance
  • Contributions towards large club events, such as our annual Christmas party, and parties hosted by our members
  • General club administration and running costs

Is this a dating club?

No. We are an activities based club with a range of single people, couples and married members.

What if I am shy around strangers?

The acceptance from other members that most new people experience when they become a member of IVC is enough to bring even those who consider themselves shy right out of their shell! We’ve watched people go from being reserved to being outgoing and really excited about life, simply because they feel included and comfortable from the first day they join.

Is it cliquey?

Admission is on a rolling basis, and new members join the club all the time. With about 80 members, there’s no ‘in crowd’ and it’s not ‘cliquey’

What’s IVC all about?

IVC is a social club for anyone who wants to make new friends, have fun, and share in local activities.

Why would I want to join?

To get more out of Cheshire and North Wales, meet new people, and do more things. People join for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’re new to town and want to meet like minded people or perhaps you’re just sick of Saturday night TV. Joining IVC also gives you access to a diverse range of activities which you might not be able to organise yourself.

Will I fit in?

We are a club for ‘graduates, professionals and like minded individuals’, and have 80 or so members of all sorts of ages and professions. Our club has a membership of so many types of people that everyone finds members with whom they connect. Whatever your personality type is, whatever your interests are, you’ll find people like you here. And since you sign up for activities that you are interested in, you are certain to find others at those events with the same interests as you.

What is the age-range for members? How old are they?

We cover a broad range of ages from 21 to 45 with the average between 30 and 35 although with good turnouts at most events finding someone your own age or who shares your interests should be easy.

Can I join alone?

Yes! Almost all of our members have joined on their own, and without knowing anyone else in the club. A specific person is present at each Club Night just to meet and greet new members. There’s a real sense of community that comes from belonging to our IVC. Friendships naturally occur from the momentum of the club, and through the interactivity of the events. Our activities feel more like a group of ‘friends of friends’ going out together than it does a disconnected crowd of strangers.

Will I make friends to socialise with outside of the club?

Friendships that start in IVC often do take on a life of their own outside the club. Many people who met through us many years ago are still close friends today

What does it cost?

Membership is currently £15 per year. We are a self run ‘not for profit’ club. Events are run by members for members so there are no additional costs beyond the cost of the activities themselves.

When do I have to pay?

We don’t expect prospective members to pay up right away. Typically new members come to several events prior to joining the club.

How many people attend each event?

Certain activities are best with less than 10 people, others are better suited to 20 or more. Most events fall in this range. Club Nights usually attract 10 to 30 members and can get quite packed, especially if it is popular guest ‘pub (or grub) of the month’!

Are you a religious or political club?

No, in fact the club’s constitution specifically rules out any such links.

Do I have to organise an event?

We expect members to try and take an active part by organising at least one event in the year. Organising an event could be something as simple as booking a meal at a restaurant or choosing a film to see at the cinema. If you are nervous about organising your first event, you can always do it in conjunction with a more experienced club member. And remember – organising an event can be a great way to get more involved and get to know people better, and to do that fun activity that no one else has thought of!

Are there IVC clubs in other cities?

Yes. There are 45 clubs in towns and cities across the UK with a total membership of 5,000+ members. Each club is affiliated with AIVC, the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs. You can find out about other IVC clubs through the AIVC website.